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best self care gifts for women

The Ultimate Best Self Care Gifts for Your Peace of Mind in 2022

Are you all about your self-care routine and looking to add to it? Look no further! This article goes over the 11 best self care gifts for your peace of mind.

Why is self care important?

You care about yourself, don’t you? Or at least you say you do. Well, then you better start showing it. The act of self-care looks different for everyone so keep in mind how you choose this for yourself reflects solely on you. Setting time aside to dedicate attention to you helps with your mental, physical, and overall well-begin.

You may indulge in a warm luxurious bubble bath while listening to some peaceful music and a lit candle, it may be dedicated times in the morning and night for your skincare routine, or, it may even be reading your book or writing in your journal while sipping on some tea in your fluffy robe.

Whatever giving yourself love looks like we all deserve the required attention we give to others back on ourselves. You can’t give what you don’t have so make sure you are catching up on sleep and staying hydrated!

Now, let’s get into the 11 best self-care gifts for you and your peace of mind.

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The 11 Best Self Care Items For Your Peace of Mind

Skin & Body Self Care Gifts

1. Vanilla & Coconut Bathing Kit

This is a present anyone would love including yourself. This indulging bath kit creates an aroma that leaves your body and mind rejuvenated. The vanilla and coconut shower kit comes with a shower gel, two bath bombs, coconut oil, a luxurious bath towel, and a Shea Butter nourished with Vitamin E lotion.

Take a deep breathe, soak in the rich vibrant fragrances for a soothing, relaxing night and get ready to pamper yourself.

2. Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy

This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an amazing multi-functional aromatherapy device that comes with an easy to use remote control. Paired with your perfect essential oils this diffuser provides a quiet stream misting modes suitable for your night.

Whether it's just used as a night light, yoga meditation, reading your book, or just your companion, this diffuser is a great addition to any room.

3. Time-To-Drink Glass Water Bottle

Stay motivated with this daily bottle made from borosilicate glass. The markers is just the reminder you need to keep you hydrated. This 32 oz glass water bottle is safe and durable reusable and dishwater safe. Why not add this to your list of best self care gifts.

With an easy-grip and steel strainer for those fruit lovers who are looking to infuse your water bottle. It's easy to wash and carry so you can keep refilling it to hit your goal.

4. Ebanel Hydrological Collagen Face Mask

What better way to show you some self care than with a face mask. But not just any face mask, one of the best selling mask on amazon will have your skin feeling hydrated and instantly brightening. The Ebanel 10 Pack Collagen face mask provides your skin with a list of ingredients that will be sure to boost your skin and help reduce redness.

This instant hydrating mask is infused with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C & E, and other peptides to promote cell regeneration.

5. Scalp Massager Hair Brush

This massage brush is perfect for the showers. Massage your scalp to improve circulation and soothe scalp stress. It's light-weight ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hands and is easy to hold and use. The HEETA scalp care hair brush is perfect for various hair textures from thick or thin, short or long, straight or curly.

Using this brush will make you and your scalp feel greater than before and will provide you with a relaxing massage every time you wash your hair.

Mind & Body Self Care Gifts

6. Daily Ritual: Positive Affirmations to Attract Love, Happiness and Peace

best self care gifs

Wake up your intuition and attract abundance with this great read! It's a part of my collection and it should also be a part of yours if you are looking into healing and attracting peace and happiness into your life.
With this book it is possible to go deep within and find the dedication and desire to surround yourself with love, and see anything out that you set your mind to. Use this book to find your spirit guides, nurture yourself, and find every relationship that is complimentary to your world.

7. 50 Positive Self Care Affirmation Card

These 50 Powerful Affirmation cards are used daily to inspire, meditate, and affirm your thoughts and call in abundance into your life.

Explore new depths of your spirit and take the messages with you anywhere with these wallet-friendly affirmation deck. This is the perfect inspirational self care gift.

8. Chesapeake Bay Serenity & Calm Lavender + Thyme Candle

This natural soy wax blend and featured self-trimming wick is skill-fully enhanced with natural essential oils. The lavender and thyme will help you relax and unwind while providing you with stress-reducing scent.

Because lavender smells lovely it is a wonderful treat to have in any room.

9. Indoor Fiddle Bambino Plant

This plant will grow best near a sunny window but not in direct sunlight. The satisfaction and a little reminder to slow down could not have come at a more perfect time.

This 1-Foot Costa Farms Ficus Lyrata tropical indoor plant would be a great addition to provide you with a plant small enough for a tabletop, desk, and shelves.

10. Dead Sea Mud Mask Infused With Lavender

Who says a little dirt wouldn't hurt? This daed sea mud mask is ideal for all skin types and is highly effective yet gentle for everyday use!

This is a mineral infused clarifying mask to help purify and clean clogged pore. Get your skin a soothing sensation that will make it feel softer for a more radiate glow, because you are already glowing.

11. Self Care Planner: Best Life Planner for Wellness

We can all use a personal assistant in our lives right? Well, if that's not in your budget than the next best thing is a self-care planner that will help boost your productivity. This is a 6-month undated planner for wellness, achieving goals, meals, gratitude, fitness, and more. I mean who said you couldn't have it all.

It's the only daily planner that prioritizes activities that we believe when you set yourself up will make you feel amazing. Self care habits are proven to increase your overall happiness so go ahead and treat yourself.

Hopefully this list of the best self care gifts gets you the benefits you were just searching for. Let me know how it turns out for you?  


  1. Carrie

    These gifts all seem so peaceful. Great idea for encouraging self care.

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  2. Megan

    These gifts look fantastic for self care!!

    1. Savvy Writer

      Hi Megan! They are. Our favorite one is the plant and book. Self-care is so important that we all need to make time for it.

  3. Lovely Post. These will sure come in handy.

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