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life lessons learned

Glow Up Your 30s: The 30 Life Lessons Learned In 30 Years

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I am in a good place now. Not emotionally. I’m just at the liquor store. 

Are you used to feel like no matter how hard you try you never feel adequate enough or as if you are supposed to be farther in life? 

I should be at a different point in my life turning 30. But it didn’t matter, I had the same feeling when I turned 25 and now I am 30 and the thoughts linger. 

Will I always feel this way? 

Turning 30 was the year when I decided to take “inventory” of my life. 

I wanted to search for answers to relieve, revive, and pretty much figure out my life. But what I found out was a bit scary… I will always be figuring it out. 

You will always be figuring it out. And, as daunting as that may sound it brings excitement and adventure into your life. 

We must learn to embrace the journey we are all in. 

This post will go over 30 lessons in 30 years I believe are crucial as you experience another year of life. 

But, before you read any further take a moment to be grateful for all the hard work you have done to keep yourself going no matter where you think you should be in life. 

You are exactly where you need to be! 

1. Smile more

Are you looking for ways to stress less? Smile more! 

It is said that smiling releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides to help fight off stress.

People are more pleasant and more approachable when they see you have a smile on. So smile more. 

2. Wake up with productive intentions

Wake up with specific intentions each and every day.

Set a reminder on your phone and tell yourself an affirmation that will make you feel productive and positive.

Popular affirmations: 

  • Love and money flow easily toward me
  • I am love
  • I have everything I need and want

3. Appreciate nature

Nature is extremely healing and if you ever feel like you need a quick getaway then finding a natural reservoir or a park can be the exact thing you need.

Become one with nature and take in the scents and sounds that this world has to offer.

Listen to the birds chirping, hear the rushing of the waters, and see if you can become more aware of the smells around you. 

Your mind and soul will thank you.

4. Walk more

Taking walks with no distractions can become just the therapy you have been missing out on.

Listening to music or just enjoying the scenery and nature.

Give yourself the time you deserve to get rooted back into nature by getting your walks which can help you come up with amazing ideas and become more centered with yourself.

5. Heal your feminine energy

Whether you are a male or female – energies are lucid. 

Getting acquainted with your feminine energy may provide some relinquishing emotions that have been suppressed subconsciously.

6. Don’t watch so much porn

Now, I would like to say stop watching it altogether but I will not take it too far.

Porn watching does affect your relationship, with yourself and with others whether you like to admit it or not.

Your brain releases dopamine, which is a chemical that is associated with our ability to feel pleasure.

Your body also releases oxytocin, which is commonly referred to as the “love hormone” so when you (your brain) become used to it it will feel a need to keep getting it the same way.

If anything, it may make you become more aware of the consistency of how much you watch it and want to continue with it.

7. Practice Gratitude

Take your time to take a deep breath and look at what is around you at this moment.

Appreciate how far you have come despite feeling inadequate or not good enough.

We are always too busy complaining about the things we do not have that we forget to appreciate the things that we do have. Be grateful, be mindful, and just be you!

8. Praise yourself more 

We are our biggest critics.

Treat yourself by begin more kind and appreciating the smaller things in life that you have accomplished.

Take this time to pat yourself on the back and give yourself a high five for trying to become a better version of yourself, you deserve it.

9. Change your thoughts & words

Have you ever heard that we are our thoughts? 

This one is imperative to understand as a majority of people are self-doubters and have a negative mindset.

Become more aware of the words you speak each and every day.

When you catch yourself with negative thoughts, reverse it and say think the opposite. Watch it work like a charm.

10. It’s okay to cry

Healing comes in many forms. It is said that stress is a common reason of diseases and health-related issues.

Most people do not realize how keeping their emotions inside affects their body internally.

It is okay to feel the emotions you are feeling, do not invalidate your feelings due to feeling weak.

Know that it takes courage to show emotions and in turn it will make you stronger in understanding yourself that much better.

Pshhhh …… I like to cry in the shower. 

11. Tune out the drama

It is so easy to get sucked into the gossip and the dramas of everyday life. By removing yourself from the drama you are able to move closer to a more true authentic self.

Allow yourself to walk away from any negativity that does not serve you so you can give yourself the life you want. 

12. Don’t go to bed angry

Have you ever woken up in a funky mood after going to bed upset the night before? 

Going to bed angry can trickle into the next day. Refrain from keeping yourself in this emotion for too long. 

Allow yourself to feel the emotions and acknowledge them, but then become a guru at releasing them as well.

Going to bed angry serves no one, so do your best to find a ritual at night that leaves you feeling lighter. 

Try a nighttime bath, reading a book, aromatherapy, or anything else that calms you down that will not affect your sleep.

13. Date yourself

Most of us tend to neglect ourselves. 

It is ludicrous to think how we can not go to the movies or eat out at a nice restaurant without anyone else accompanying us. 

Traveling alone? Oh, forget about it. I’d say do it! 

The fear we put on ourselves to keep us stuck does not help elevate you but keeps you dependent and stuck on others.

Take the time that you deserve to do the things you want to do with yourself. 

Finding peace in solitude plays a major role in having an abundant and fulfilling life.

14. Take care of your mind & body more

Self-care is a real thing. It is crazy how we can even call this a trending topic.

Take time to nourish yourself from the inside out. Your body and mind will thank you later.

15. Mental health is the new wealth

Having a stable mind is the best kind of wealth anyone can ask for.

Take time to meditate, eat healthier, drink more water, and learn how to become one with nature. 

16. Long hair don’t care

Everyone is different and so is your relationship with your hair. 

Put emphasis on the importance of hair whether you cover it up in public, or put them into braids or locks, whatever it is, the health of your hair is correlated with your health. 

Whatever the case maybe make sure you are taking care of your precious hair. 

17. Reading is everything

If there is anything you want to learn or that you are fascinated with then start reading.

Read Read Read!

18. Music reflects & affects mood

Music brings people together. There are many of us that enjoy singing along, dancing, and going down memory lane with the types of genres we particular like.

Many of us however are not aware how deep of an impact music has on our overall well-begin.

Try expanding your genre, try listening to music with no lyrics, healing music with vibrational sounds that are meant to uplift you. Your ears, mind, and body will thank you later.

19. Follow your intuition

And not all bodies react the same.

Get to know your body and become more in-tune with what it is your body might need or may reject.

No one else can ever make that choice for you.

20. Tell jokes … even if you think you are not funny

Whether you are the one telling the jokes or listening to them, laughing is one of the best medicines out there.

Take the time to watch those funny animal or baby videos that have us laughing so hard even after!

Be a little be more light hearted and you will wonder how simple it was to make a choice to have fun.

21. Be honest

People lie, energy does not.

Honesty is the best policy. We tend to think that we are great liars and as far as that goes I believe even actors are not good liars when it comes to their own lives. Learn how to not lie as much since we tend to lie on average several times a day.

22. Do what makes you happy

We tend to put other people needs’ before our own. What many people do not realize is that you leave yourself depleted and angry at the rest of the world.

Take time out for yourself and learn how to say yes more to yourself.

23. It’s not bad to touch yourself

How are you able to allow your partner to know what it is you like when you have no explored your own body?

We are meant to feel like this is bad or even a sin at a very young age, therefore, leading us down the path of not knowing our bodies.

Give yourself light touches to see what parts you feel more sensitive towards. Whatever you do, do not allow yourself to feel wrong about it. Enjoy the vessel you are in.

24. Believe in something other than yourself

We are part of a world bigger than ourselves. When you are always preoccupied with your own needs this could lead into an unhealthy relationship with others even with yourself.

In simpler terms, the world does not stop turning when your soul departs from your vessel. Keep others in mind and start giving back to your community.

26. You are not able to give others what you can’t give yourself

When you are constantly giving your time to others, and your resources, lowering your standards and expectations, you are not doing yourself any service by spreading yourself thin.

This can lead to frustrations, anxiety, depression, and more confusion within yourself. Give to yourself first before you give to others.

27: Learn to say, “No” and not be sorry

There is a saying out there stating to say yes to every opportunity that presents itself. By saying yes to so many things you are saying no to yourself in other ways.

Learn to become familiar with discernments within yourself so you can make better judgment calls for your life.

28. Do not care what others say

This one is inevitable. There are going to be people that will talk and will say things about you that are coming from their own judgment.

There will be family and friends who will not believe in your dreams fully and cold-heartedly as you do. Oh well! Keep it moving. This is your life. Prove yourself right and others wrong.

29. Stop begin controlled by your fears

Fear is not always a bad thing. They say we make choices based on either love or fear. If love is what makes most people feel great than why is it that fear overtakes a majority of how people’s lives are lived by and choices are made?

Learn to control your fears, not your fears control you.

30. Find your voice

With all the noise, the fears, the doubt, it is difficult to find our own unique voice. It is almost as if we are meant to look and sound the same.

How do you find your voice? Great question.

Start working on the shadow part of yourself, start finding peace in solitude, and become more spiritually inclined to know your soul outside of this world we live in.

It is not an easy journey but it is more than possible.

So, cheers to a new decade you beautiful soul! And remember, nothing is ever what it seems.

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