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Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

7 Best Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder That Will Get You Feeling Better

Have you ever caught yourself feeling a bit more under the weather during the changes in season? In the article, we go over the best ways to learn about light therapy for seasonal affective disorder to kick this feeling in the butt!

Understand why you feel this way and what patterns to look out for. By knowing a bit more about light therapy you will be that much more prepared on combating the effects it can have on your emotional health during the changes in seasons.

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“It is chiefly the changes of the season which produces diseases” – unknown.

It is important to note that if you think there may be underlying issues concerning your health that you seek professional health.

In my attempt to reach out to those who are suffering from what is called the ‘winter blues’ or also known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I’d like to say that this is normal. There is nothing wrong with you and you are safe in feeling the way you do.

By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what it is and why it affects the majority of us.

Let’s first start off by covering what how light even affects our mood?

How does light affect our mood?

Have you ever heard anyone tell you to go out and get some sun if you were a bit moody?

Well, safely exposing yourself to the sun helps our body produce what is called Vitamin D which may improve our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. This will help with the risk of exposing yourself to various other types of lights that may not be as beneficial to you as what our lovely mother-eath intended for us to use – the sun itself!

Depending on where you are in the world your access to the sun may vary at different times of the day. You may have shorter times of the year when the sun is out and you may have other times of the year when you are in complete darkness.

Or, you may live in a place where the weather, sun exposure, and any other elements that may affect your physical and psychological well-being may stay the same all year round.

Out of many vitamins, Vitamin D is vital to ward off depression and it is said that about 75% of the population has a vitamin D deficiency. No wonder we tend to feel down during the time of the year when the sun leaves sooner during the day whether it be fall or winter.

What is light therapy?

Well, now, that you are more familiar with why light, that provides us with vitamin D, is so important to our physical and psychological wellbeing we can now cover what is light therapy and when it could come in handy for those times we are not getting enough exposure to the sun.

According to verwellmind.com, light therapy is used to treat various mental health conditions. It can be used to treat depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, and other moods associated with Vitamin D deficiency.

What is light therapy used for?

Light therapy is used to help people who have symptoms of not having enough energy, sadness, moodiness, anger, depression, anxiety, and many more emotional and physical attributes to the lack of sun exposure.

Light therapy is a box or a lamp that is used that emits, you guessed it, light! The lights are made up of different types of light such as LED, LUX, or fluorescent lights. After begin infront of the lamp with a recommended exposure of 60 minutes per day symptoms could improve any where from a few days.

What is SAD or seasonal affective disorder?

SAD or season affective disorder is associated with changes in seasons and some common emotions include depression, anxiety, lack of energy, and other mood disorders. It is often found to occur between fall and throughout the winter time, however, there are also times in the summer when people may also experience this as well.

Psychology of light therapy

The different types of light such as the LED lights increase blood flow through the brain. The light therapy has many effects on the brain cells to the areas of the brain that uplifts your mood and eases other symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and other moods associated with the winter blues.

Despite the fact that you may also get SAD during the summer months it is best to notice when your body is going through these changes.

Now, let’s go over some of the best light therapy on the market that you can use to help you be in a happier mood!

7 of the Best Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

1. Circadian Optics Lumos Light Therapy Lamp

This lamp is great to use either at work or from home. It is stylish with a UV-Free and delivers safe and natural LED light that our bodies need to improve moods. This therapy light provides the recommended 10,000 LUX of brightness to help the winter blues, regulate sleep, improve focus, boost energy and make us feel less sad. The LED natural light lamp lasts approximately 50,000 hours.

2. Verilux HappyLight Light Therapy

This low price lamp delivers up to 10,000 LUX for natural light therapy. Enjoy your daily intake of bright light, glare-free to improve sleep, boost your mood, and increase your energy. Leave feeling revitalized and enhance your focus with this happy light therapy.

3. Carex Classic Therapy Lamp

This 12-inch sun mood light lamp provides 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light. The screen comes with a flexible stand that you are able to handle for optimal light therapy. Recover from your daily grind and improve your concentration and keep you energized throughout your day. If you are looking for a lamp that you do not have to sit up close to like other competing brands this lamp will be a perfect option for you.

4. Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

These stylish and long-lasting mood light sun lamps are not only benefit your mood but they make a fashionable addition to any room in your office or home. This sun lamp is also free of unwanted UV rays and regulates the cycle of our bodies and our moods. This therapy light provides the recommended 10,000 LUV of brightness to help with the winter blues.

5. Phillips Smart Sleep Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

This alarm clock simulates the color of the sunrise and sunset. There are 5 natural sounds and includes a radio and reading lamp. The smart sleep wake-up alarm improves your mood in the morning with a 10-dimmable brightness display you can adjust.

6. Circadian Happy Mood Optics Light Therapy Lamp

The mood light sun lamps are a fashionable addition to any space while also providing the light that our bodies need. The light therapy lamp is designed to mimic the colors of daylight and provide 10,000 LUX of brightness to help with mood.

7. Sunrise Sensation DayBright Therapy Lamp

A hefty price but is crafted from solid wood with a functional and effective light therapy with unmatched brightness and design. This fully adjustable 10,000 LUX LED technology gives you a full spectrum with optimal effect on a circadian rhythm that allows adjustment of color and brightness.