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signs of feminine energy

What are some signs of high feminine energy?

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In this post, I have you covered with what to look for in signs of high feminine energy, how to attract high feminine energy, why you need it, and prompts to affirm it!

Remember that energy is fluid, no matter your gender – we both encompass masculine and feminine energy.

But first, if at any point in your life journey, you are looking to awaken and transform your feminine energy I highly recommend reading or listening to You Are a Goddess.

It has changed my life and I am most certain it will change yours!


Let’s jump right into the 11 signs of high feminine energy . . .

1. Using your intuition as a road map

We take this for granted but it’s important to be in tune with your body when it is trying to send you signals or messages.

Allow yourself to take a breather, meditate, and take space for yourself to become your own guide for your life.

2. Highly empathic & nurturing

Having high feminine energy means begin able to be there for people on an emotional level.

Understanding one another and nurturing your relationships that are of a higher vibration. You are more inclined to show this side of yourself more often.

3. You take responsibility for your life

We make choices in our lives for our highest good.

You take responsibility for your actions and choices that you have made and do not allow the circumstances in your life to overtake your life.

Understanding that life comes with struggles and challenges but you handle them with grace.

Have compassion for yourself and embrace who you are!

Start by learning how to release self-doubt.

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4. You are elegant & charismatic

You carry yourself in an elegant manner and are able to draw people in with your charisma. The way you walk, talk, and carry yourself is important.

Allow your inner beauty to come out as you engage with others. You will leave people stunned and wanting more.

5. Setting & keep boundaries

This one is important. (well, they all are). Not only are you setting boundaries but you are keeping them. You respect others as well as your own.

You understand that there are times when there will be exceptions but you allow your intuition to guide you to make these choices.

6. Essences of you are alluring and enticing

You carry yourself in a manner that pulls people in. The words you speak, the way you dress, smell, look, and so much more.

Everything about you almost seems impossible to ignore. You have worked are healing your feminine body, mind, and spirit.

7. You enjoy using your creativity

Creativity is underrated. So many things require this to become successful or to vibrate on a higher vibration.

You experience and expand on your creative nature enjoying every moment of it. You motivate others and are able to come up with grand business ideas, art pieces, poems, or anything else you set your mind to.

8. Your energy is healing & connects with nature

Have you ever heard anyone tell you that you are healing? You are utilizing your signs of higher feminine energy.

You are open to finding healing in nature or its’ elements such as air, fire, wind, and earth. There is an aura about you that attracts people. But beware, protect your energy so it does not leave you feeling depleted.

9. You see your weakness as a strength

You do not dwell on your problems or set back, you see them as opportunities to grow.

Considering you are more aware of yourself you harp on the idea of how your struggles have made you the person you are.

Our most triumph times were followed by some of the hardest moments in our lives.

10. You enjoy living more presently

There is no such thing as ‘not enough time’. You understand that time is an illusion and you have nothing but time.

Take the time to look around at what is going on at the present moment, embracing the world around you and the gratitude you have for who your soul is.

You are not concerned about where you will be going or dwell on the past, you are right here in the moment.

11. You embrace & understand your dark feminine

This one is misunderstood, but, if you truly want to harness your higher feminine energy then a must is learning about your dark feminine energy (we all have one).

There is a balance one must learn, and you have achieved the balance of the two.

You understand how to have one and the other all the while making it look like you were the epitome of a goddess.

How to attract high feminine energy?

Many of us are wondering if we exhibit this high feminine energy and what it looks like.

Some of the ways how to attract divine feminine energy comes from following your intuition and living an authentical, nurturing, and present life.

Take this time to recalibrate your energy. Whether you are a male or female and understand that

. . . this journey is learning how to become true to your authentic self.

Why do you need signs of high feminine energy?

You may need to understand where you stand in terms of your feminine aspect in life.

You are wanting to grow more in your feminine energy, or, maybe you want to get a better sense to see where your life is currently at.

Whatever the reason may be knowing about the signs of high feminine energy will allow you to fulfill a more happier and meaningful life not only for you but the people around you.

  • A better understanding of you
  • To live a more authentic life
  • You are able to sense the sincerity in a person
  • You are more genuine and real with people (which is hard to find)
  • Your sexual life will be better (you will not feel a need to fake anything)
  • Enjoy life and nature in a more healing and natural way
  • Relationships will become more meaningful

Prompts for signs of high feminine energy

Journaling is a great way to affirm what it is that you want and already know so it can manifest in your life.

Write them down or say them out loud, whatever you do just use them!

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Affirming signs of high feminine energy:

  1. I am vibrating on a higher level today
  2. I am more nurturing and compassionate today
  3. I remove any obstacles that are not for my higher good
  4. I allow peace, abundance, and love into my life easily
  5. I am embracing the world around me, everything in it
  6. I am open to my journey and allow it to flow naturally
  7. I appreciate and love myself for who I truly am today, tomorrow, and the day after that

Final Thoughts on Signs of High Feminine Energy

Understanding yourself comes with its challenges and doubts. Anyone operating in high feminine energy will know that what will be will be for whatever purpose it is for.

You are open to possibilities and outcomes. This world is in your hands and you can use your creativity to also make this world a better place.

As we understand more about feminine energy, we will feel truly connected to God, our Higher Power, the Universe, ourselves, people, and every aspect of our lives.

Our relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Our sex life improves as we become more attuned to our bodies.

And, when we gift ourselves the joy of experiencing life with more intention, presence, and vibrancy we live our lives better than ever before.

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