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mental health

5 Soothing Ways to Better Your Mental Health

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Wake-up call! There are people in this world who will only ever think from their ego.
For a majority of us most of our hurt and pain with our mental health comes from the feeling of not feeling good enough, the unrequited love thing is real.
Before we get into ways to take back control of your mental health let’s go over why it’s important to put your mental health first.

Why put your mental health first: 

  • It is the first basic necessity that a human needs to do anything else 
  • Longer life expectancy 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Helps with self-confidence 
  • Able to complete and work on tasks easily 
  • Maintain concentrations 
Here are 5 ways to take back control of your mental health

Taking care of our mental state of well-begin is important to live the lives we got to give ourselves. This is why I decided to suggest my top 5 recommendations on how to get back to the better, elevated, happier version of you.

1. Stay committed to yourself

Become more assertive and affirmative with yourself. We not only tend to be too hard on ourselves but give ourselves less than what we deserves.

We normally all do this so there is no reason to be hard on yourself especially when others are not so nice and take advantage.

Do not allow yourself to take advantage of yourself. Take time to allow the anger that has built up to be used as your driving force to become determined to stick to your boundaries.

2. Set boundaries

And become committed to your boundaries. Many of us do not even carry boundaries let alone have them. You can not expect people to treat you any different when you have no boundaries at hands and then come up with how people are able to treat you out of the blue.

Make it a habit to set boundaries that sets you up for surrounding yourself with like-minded people and your higher self. We tend to know this as we are intuitive begins. Just do not make any compromises or exceptions.

3. Join a support group

We all have our issues and many of them are not able to become solved all on our own. Becoming part of like-minded people who are there to support one another is imperative into getting back to yourself and in a happier place.

It is okay to not be okay, just make sure you have people there despite the fact that we all know no one else can be there for yourself like yourself.

4. Health is your new wealth

What we do on a daily basis has a much bigger impact than what we put off to the side. The food you eat effects your mental health, awareness, and overall physical health as well. Exercising and staying fit is important to keep your mind and body balance when everything else feels shaken up.

Try incorporating new routines or keeping consistency into your life. We are dependent on our body to take on daily task each and every day and even taking some time out the day for mindful meditation could be exactly what you need.

5. Letting go

Sometimes the best way to get yourself back together is by letting go of the things you are not able to control (which is most things in our life). By letting go does not mean forgetting about it or giving up, it’s about allowing the higher power to take control.

Try talking to a professional, friends, family or taking the time to start on a journal and writing things down for yourself.

Letting go of people that are not longer serving us is never easy. You have built that emotional connection, but, those emotions may not be healthy or serve you for your greater good. It is important to be aware of this and let go of those things that are keeping you feeling blocked and un-alive.

Start taking back control of the life you dream of and deserve. Start removing the bad and expecting more from yourself. Give yourself th

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