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How to Connect With Your Divine Feminine Energy

how to connect with divine feminine energy

Your awakening period to connect with your divine feminine energy is here. 

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about connecting with your divine feminine energy and give you tips on how to keep radiating your best self.  

Before we begin let’s go over what is the divine feminine. 

What is divine feminine?

Divine feminine stems from being deeply attuned to nature, earth, the wild, unafraid of the void, the emptiness, and begin benevolent to the goddess energy. It is the energy that is loving, nurturing, and balanced, yet also fierce.

This spiritual concept of feminine energy whether you are in your divine masculine, or working on your divine feminine brings healing, creativity, and openness to community cultivation. 

It is time to awaken the ancient memories that comes from the life force that lives inside of you at this very moment. 

You will find that people with a balance of masculine energy as well as feminine are pleasant to be around and one can not exist without the other, think of it like the yin and the yang. 

It is only when you are true to yourself that you can be true to others and that is where begin deeply attuned to your divine femininity and brings balance. Our relationship with ourselves is just as important as the one we have with the world around us. 

Activating divine feminine energy

This is the time when healing and transformation take place. Many wonder how they can get this energy or how can they awaken it. Activating the divine feminine energy is just like any transformation that comes with growing pains and reflection periods throughout your life. 

In my opinion, I do not believe that once this is activated that it will stay activated. It will take a level of consciousness and work each and every day to maintain this. Get into daily rituals and affirmations to keep you grounded and attract love, happiness, and peace. 

Get out and dance, make sure you get your necessary rest, meditate, exercise, stretch, and most importantly take this time to physically and spiritually connect with your body. 

By activating the divine feminine energy you will notice things in your life that need readjustments and removals. And, by doing so, will allow yourself to align with a more peaceful and centered you. The hardest part may be initiating your transformation. 

Divine feminine awakening symptoms 

Indulge in self-reflection. Be in tune with your emotions. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling. 

Here are 7 symptoms of the divine feminine awakening:

  1. Overwhelming emotions 
  2. Vivid lucid dreams 
  3. Defining your morals 
  4. Setting boundaries with others 
  5. Putting yourself first 
  6. Taking space for yourself to be with yourself 
  7. Having an “over-the-edge” feeling 

How To Connect With Divine Feminine Energy

1. Connect with your intuition

Listening to your intuition is one of the most important parts of this journey.

If it takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you do things you do not want to do then you are heading on the right path (look at it this way, if you have been keeping it safe and not happy with your life then this makes the most sense, but within reason).

We may sometimes want to move forward in life using our heads instead of our hearts which is not the easiest thing to do.

Staying in tune with your divine power means trusting that your intuition knows best v.s. the part of you that is still in the ego (which is of worldly things) that many of us are still stuck on.

2. Honoring a sacred space to connect with your divine feminine

Find space and time to give thanks and honor to the feminine energy that is within you and others.

You can do this by simply soaking in a warm bath, lighting candles, getting a massage, listening to music, or a book that cultivates a space of scarceness that eludes peace and harmony.

3. Experiment with nature

True divine feminine energy finds healing in nature and peace in the surrounding earth.

This energy is wild and untamed so do not be alarmed when these feelings come up, give thanks to them and release them.
We can also lay out at night and admire the moon and stars. Who would not want to do that?
Take the time to be grateful for the massive parts of this world we are a part of.

You can look into meditation and learning about chakras and healing the aspects within your life by begin attuned with nature and self.

4. Allow yourself to be open to your creativity

Creativity is in art, dancing, singing, writing, drawing, and anything that allows your thoughts to be brought into the 3D world.

Allow yourself to take up a hobby or activity that enables you to activate this part of your soul. Start learning what your soul likes and needs. Practice silence and remove distractions.

It will come to you when you are most open to allowing it in and most importantly genuinely grateful.

5. Learn to heal and work through your wounds (a.k.a childhood trauma)

Healing, right next to listening to your intuition, is probably one of the most important aspects in your ‘blowing up your divine femininity.

This is because most of us go living our day-to-day life hurt from our past traumas which we have learned how to suppress so well (not our fault at all). It’s important to learn how to connect with your divine feminine energy to invite us into the healing journey.

Healing the relationships with yourself is the biggest step you can take in this process.

This will bring up painful traumatic events in your life that you may have thought were healed, but once you take control of how important these moments were to make you into the person you are today you are on your way.

Also, know that there is healing in crying. Let yourself feel your feelings. Make sure you are taking care of yourself which is just as important as breathing.

6. Focus on your breath

Take this time to breathe in and out. Great! One more time. 

We are too busy in our everyday lives that we tend to take this for granted. Take 5 mins out of your day to do a breathing exercise. It will allow you to feel more center and in the moment. 

7. You are more than your physical body

A wise person once said we are not human bodies on a spiritual journey, we are on a spiritual journey in a human body.

It is important to note that we live in a world where we are focused on outside beauty, trying to fix things that do not need to be fixed, and trying to stay looking young for as long as we possibly can.

Fixing things on the outside is easier than fixing things on the inside. Doing the inner work is harder and most of us shy away from it together. 

Make sure to surround yourself with other people who have a higher vibration and are more focused on knowing their souls vs knowing their vanity.

Most, if not all, of the negative feelings you have about other people stem from a wounded place within yourself.

What you say about others in malice says more about you as a person than them. So take the time to scan your surrounding and become in tune with your true soul.

8. Make scared sensuality pleasure a core principle to connect with your divine feminine energy

We all came here by two people joining in as one, that is, having a sexual encounter, but that’s not what we are talking about. There is a healing aspect that comes when you embrace the essence of how your body moves, how it feels, your tone of voice, and so much more – this is sensuality.

Women and men with an awareness of sensuality will be able to open the door to sacred secrets. This is by far a powerful event that when combined with your sensuality and spirit together is mind-blowing. Go ahead and take that dance class, walk in nature, poor oil on your skin after your shower.

9. Self-love with daily rituals

Be aware of how you spend your time. Be more selective about what and to who you give your time. We are constantly bombarded with distractions and loud noise the most important thing needs to be yourself.

Take time for yourself and get yourself self-care gifts just for you. Dedicate time to come up with daily rituals to prepare yourself for new beginnings. There are many ways to connect with your divine feminine energy, not doing this will only delay your healing.

Always get in the habit of continuing to choose yourself over others. As others would say, you can’t give what you don’t have. Become a happier and a better version of yourself with self-love and self-care. 

A majority of us, including myself, can get lost in hours of mindless tasks and doing for others and then expect changes in our lives when the value needs to come from our own.

Take this time to figure out what your soul would like to learn, and what your soul would like to do. Get to learn more about yourself by picking up new hobbies and projects.

Now, is the time, to take your feminine power back! Continue educating yourself as this is the only way we can keep on growing and teaching others to do the same.

Final Thoughts on How to Connect with Divine Feminine Energy 

In conclusion, connecting with your divine feminine energy is a sacred journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As you explore the depths of your inner being, embrace the intuitive wisdom that resides within. Nurture self-compassion, honor your emotions, and cultivate a harmonious balance between the receptive and active aspects of your nature.

By honoring the divine feminine within, you not only align with your authentic self but also contribute to the collective dance of cosmic energies. Embrace the divine within, and let its radiant light guide you on a path of grace, strength, and profound self-love. The journey to reconnecting with your divine feminine essence is not just an exploration; it’s a celebration of the beautiful, resilient, and limitless spirit that resides within you.

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