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How To Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

how to manifest someone into your life

Wouldn’t it be nice to hold the secret to attracting anything you wanted?

In this article, I will share what you need to know about manifesting someone into your life and give some tips on how what you can start doing to achieve this. I have spent close to a decade growing my knowledge of manifestation, the law of attraction, and the law of action from gurus themselves.

I was always feeling a sense of despair and that I was not loveable or good enough to get the things that I wanted and deserved. (I am not perfect so I still have my moments).

Pshhh … by the way, I have been able to manifest more than just a special someone into my life.

I was able to manifest one of my dream cars, traveling, working overseas, and my dream apartment, and hit a six-figure year all at the age of 30. All in all, this was not a walk in the park, so anticipate obstacles but do not allow them to hinder you. 

Now, I am happy to share with you the art of manifestation and how I was able to manifest love into my life so that you can do the same.

Manifesting anything into your life can be pretty nerve-racking.

You wonder whether it’s going to work or not. How long is it going to take? Why am I not able to manifest? But after skimming this post you are going to have an outline of things you either need to work on, enhance, or rememorize that will start working for you. Start letting go of any hesitations or doubts and start learning how to manifest someone into your life starting now by changing your mindset with these tips.

What this post will go over:

  • What is manifestation?
  • How I can use the art of manifestation to better my life?
  • What are the 11 steps to manifesting someone into my life?
  • What affirmations to use? 
  • What is the law of attraction?
  • What is the law of action?
  • Why am I not able to manifest someone into my life?
  • What is the secret to manifestation?

There are tons of information and books on how to manifest that will contribute to your life.

Hearing it, reading about it, and believing it over and over and over again may help bring that specific person back into your life.

But you have to put the steps I will be going over into practice. Not tomorrow, but today. 

Basically, manifesting can, and is, done on nearly anything you set your mind on – even if it’s not a person! But then that’s not why you clicked on this article is it?

With this power of manifestation comes the readiness to be self-aware, grateful, and more present on a day-to-day basis.

Remember to take yourself into feelings of gratitude so that you can be in a state of abundance and so that manifestation may work optimally.

So before we dive into it, let’s first break down what manifestation is ….. 

What is manifestation?
  • To manifest is to bring something tangible that is in your thoughts into reality.
  • “Manifesting” or the act of acting out or believing one’s aspirational thoughts and ideas. 
How can I use the art of manifestation to better my life?
  • It will allow you to give the things that you want in this life
  • It will blossom you into a more elevated and spiritual person
  • It will allow you to be more present and grateful
  • Allows you to believe in yourself and your dream 

Now let’s get into the 11 steps on how to manifest someone into your life …..

Steps on how to manifest someone into your life

how to manifest someone into your life

1. Set your intentions

What is it that you want from this person? Of course, this would be the first one.

How are you expecting to get any results when you do not have set in your mind details about the person, who the person is, or the feelings you get when you are around this specific person?

It is ludicrous that many of us expect certain things in our lives to go a certain way when a majority of us do not even know what we want!
This is the step where you will ask yourself these questions: 
  • Who is it that I am trying to manifest?
  • Why am I trying to manifest this person? 
  • How does this person make you feel? 
  • How do you make this person feel?
  • How does this person view you?

Whether you ended things bad or never met this person in your life it is important to write down positive attributes about how this person feels about you when you are around.
Remember that this is a two-way street, not one!

2. Be present

We tend to get so busy throughout the day and preoccupied with our thoughts that we forget to be in the moment.

This will help you practice mindfulness and detach yourself from the future.
We have thousands of thoughts a day, and that is exactly what they are – thoughts! Until you start putting them into action or harping on them.
And, come on, how many of those thoughts are actually positive ones? Exactly!

Being present will allow you to not self-sabotage as much as we already do every day so working on these action steps below it will guide you to a better you. 

Mindful practices you can do to help you be more present to manifest: 

  • Set an alarm on your phone to take a moment to notice your surroundings
  • Practice deep breathing exercises
  •  Mindful meditation 
  • Hold your thoughts captive if they are not of the present moment 
  • Take up yoga or a hobby that keeps you centered 

Begin more present will help you make rational decisions and most importantly bring that peace to your life.

3. Mind your thoughts & words

I am sure you are guilty of saying this…

“I am busy”, “I don’t have time”

We hear all the time! Why are we always making ourselves preoccupied? The truth is, we really aren’t.

We tend to prioritize and give time to the things we want to give time to.

When it comes to paying attention to your thoughts that could lead to words, be careful as what you say can manifest.

When you catch yourself telling yourself you are too busy, say this instead,

“Time is an illusion and I have all the time in the world”. 

When you make these statements then the universe alines with your thoughts so you may find yourself becoming more anxious, more frantic, and less approachable.

Most of my manifestation has included the use of affirmations to help keep my thoughts and words positive and aligned with what it is I want.

Now let’s put this into the context of you learning how to manifest someone into your life with these quick affirmations!


Notice how saying this can make you feel?

  • “I am good enough”
  • “They love and adore me”
  • “They want me just as much as I want them”

I have made a specific section going more in-depth on why affirmations are important and how they are useful in your everyday life.

4. Listen to music

Not to get all scientific on you but all objects, including us humans, emit what is called electromagnetic radiation which consists of eclectic magnetic fields which carry energy.

And this means, that you, my friend are propagating through space!

This comes in handy when you need to raise your vibration, a.k.a be happier, or change your mood when you are trying to manifest someone into your life.

Music is extremely important in our lives and can help alter our moods and vibrational energy. 
What do you think of when you listen to your favorite songs or playlist?

Do you catch yourself drifting off into a fantasy or a time in your life when it brings up certain emotions? 

How can music manifest someone into my life? 

  • Thought are important and so is visualization so music helps you do that
  • Music that resonates with you helps you shift your energy to attract 
  • Music helps you go into a higher vibrational frequency which is needed to manifest
  • It allows you to feel emotions which is the main component of manifestation 

I found in addition to everything in the post that music has played one of the biggest parts in my manifestation journey, and still does to this day.
You will want to take every opportunity to utilize this step!

5. Let it go

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give to you is that a method in manifestation that is needed for it to work is to allow things to be what they are.

Yes, I get it, it is a bit contradicting in a sense where you are able to manifest many things into your life but then on the other hand free yourself from the expectations.

This one is still hard to explain if you are new to manifestation but here is an example:

  • Have you ever ordered something online and forgotten you ordered it until it finally comes in?

Well, that is exactly the same feeling that is needed for manifestation.

Refrain from asking yourself:

Why are they not here yet or how much longer do I have to wait? 

Asking yourself these types of questions is only delaying the process.

The moment that you know it is going to happen and fully cold-heartedly believe it that is when you allow yourself to freely let it go so it can come in.

And then, it just comes at the perfect time, like the clothes you forgot you ordered online.

I know, easier said than done. Especially when it is something you are anticipating for.

I would recommend keeping yourself occupied with your projects, hobbies, and other tasks while things align themselves into place.

6. Practice Gratitude

Begin gratitude and thankful each and every morning (and throughout the day) is another important part of this journey.

If you are not grateful for what you have now then how are you going to allow any upgrades to your life?

Practice being thankful for what you already have.

Do gratitude practices throughout the day:

  • Set an alarm to remind yourself to be in the moment and give thanks 
  • Be thankful right before every meal and drink 
  • Say thank you more often 
  • Make yourself helpful to people 
  • Write down 3 things you are grateful for each morning and post them somewhere you can see
  • Don’t forget to thank yourself for all the work and care you give yourself and others 

If you are a negative betty and landed on this post and you are telling yourself you have nothing to be grateful for. Then there is a way you can look at it …

First off, snap out of it. You are awesome!

If you have the ability to read this, then be grateful for the opportunity to see it.

If you have the ability to walk then be grateful for that as well.

We tend to not live in the moment and are always too busy that we practically take advantage of the things we take for granted.

7. Visualize someone in your life

I like this part very much because it will allow you to align your vision and feel as if it was already manifest – whatever and whoever it is you want.

Thinking about the person you want to bring into your life. How does it feel having them sit or lay down next to you?

Take these thoughts and feelings from your mind and bring them out into this 3D world.

Write this all down! Act it out.

Where are you going with this person? The next time you go out for a drive act as if this person is there with you. What are you two talking about?

Talk to the person you want to talk to as if they are sitting right next to you.

Crazy, I know. But it works! Think it. Act it. Be it.

8. Your vibe tribe

I can talk about this one all day.

I have allowed people to stunt my visions and my dreams because of their own insecurities and their own inability to see what could be.

Looking back on it I now realize that they were not doubting me, they were doubting themselves.

People lie energy does not.

And, unfortunately, not everyone is going to have your best interest.

Allow God, the universe, whatever you call it to remove these people one by one and you will start seeing the manifestation coming into your life quicker than expected.

9. Script Writing

What is script writing?

The art of using pen and paper and writing in the present tense the things you desire and want.

This will allow you to discover new insights and intentions into what it is your truly want and how it makes you feel.

Writing about the person you will be manifesting back into your life is all about the tense you phrase it in. 

Write phrases such as:
  • I am in love with _____
  • _____ is in love with me
  • I am passionate about ____
  • I am desired by _______
  • _______ is an amazing partner

We are driven by passion and desire. By writing it out you will be able to get details about your intentions.

10. Believe in a higher power

You did not bring yourself into this world without any help, it’s the same thing with manifesting. You are allowing yourself to be in a state of surrender and allowing things to unfold. Yes, you are powerful and you harness some awesome potential so accept your greatness.

However, you need to allow yourself to submit to whatever it is you believe in whether that’s God, the universe, etc., and know that their plan may be better than your own.

You want a place to go to feel grounded here inside of you considering this is where the true manifestation takes place – within you

  • Lighting Candles 
  • Using Moon phases to amplify your manifestation 
  • Prayers and Meditations 

11. Affirmations

Using affirmations is a must!

You will not be able to manifest that special someone into your life without speaking it into existence, it’s just not enough to think it.

Manifesting someone into your life will look different for everyone. One thing that will look the same is the things you are saying to yourself to get there.

Here are some popular affirmations to write down and say out loud to yourself throughout the day:
  • (Name) loves me and I love (Name) 
  • (Name) wants me so bad right now 
  • (Name) is thinking about me 
  • (Name) finds me so attractive and sexy

What is the Law of Attraction?

  • Is a spiritual philosophical belief that your positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences. 

What is the Law of Action?

  • Is the belief that one must take action in their life to see changes happen.

Why am I not able to manifest someone into my life?

  • You are not able to manifest someone into your life because of your mindset. Because you do not believe.

What is the secret to manifesting someone into your life?

The Secret: written by Rhonda Byrne is a must-read book if you are looking to manifest someone into your life…

  • You are the creator of your universe.
  • If you ask for it believe and act as if you will/have received it. 
  • Thoughts become things.
  • Your higher power, the universe is abundant. 


Manifesting is to bring something tangible that is in your thoughts into reality.

It will allow you to notice what you can actually achieve and make you feel invincible in your life.

There are different methods to be used to manifest someone into your life. This is what the post went over.

Here are the 11 steps to manifest:

1. Set your intentions

2. Be present 

3. Mind your thoughts and words 

4. Listen to music 

5. Let it go 

6. Practice gratitude 

7. Visualize that someone in your life and their’s 

8. Your vibe tribe

9. Script Writing

10. Believe in a higher power 

11. Affirmations

Make sure to use positive affirmations and be mindful of the tense you are using them in.

Here are some affirmations to use: 

  • (Name) loves me and I love (Name) 
  • (Name) wants me so bad right now 
  • (Name) is thinking about me 
  • (Name) finds me so attractive and sexy
  • I am in love with _____
  • _____ is in love with me
  • I am passionate about ____
  • I am desired by _______
  • _______ is an amazing partner

Don’t forget to use your own intuition. And, dreams don’t work unless you take action.