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signs of blocked feminine energy

The Ultimate Guide to Recognizing Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy and Overcoming Them

Not feeling like yourself lately? You may be experiencing signs of blocked feminine energy.

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This article will go over the signs of blocked feminine energy, how you notice the signs, and how to release them.

Before we get into signs of blocked feminine energy let’s go over what is blocked feminine energy.

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What is blocked feminine energy?

Blocked feminine energy is a state in which you are unable to express your true self or access your inner power due to negative thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors.

It can be caused by a variety of factors, including trauma, cultural conditioning, or even a lack of self-awareness.

Signs of blocked feminine energy include feeling stuck, disconnected, or overwhelmed.

Practicing your sacred feminine, self-care, grounding techniques, and journaling can help to release blocked feminine energy and restore balance.

To heal the feminine one must also know about the masculine energy in women.

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What is masculine energy?

Masculine energy is more dominant, and assertive – the taking charge energy. When those who are not in balance with the feminine and masculine energies, you will not be pleasant to be around.

How do I notice the signs of blocked feminine energy?

Have you caught yourself moodier recently?

Feeling depressed, anxious, and really just quiet over people’s bullshit that you catch yourself easily triggered almost daily?

Have your romantic relationships been not clearly defined as you’d like them to be?

This may be a sign that your feminine energy is blocked.

Feminine energy is nurturing, loving, caring, empathic, and understanding.

It is no wonder more women are finding themselves in these situations when we are constantly surrounded and bombarded by a mainly dominated masculine world.

Now, let’s get into signs of blocked feminine energy.

If you are interested in resetting your button to your sacred feminine energy with healing I highly recommend reading or listening to You Are a Goddess.

This book has changed my life and I am sure it will for you too!

33 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

1. Easily angered & tempered

Anger is not a bad emotion. It is what we do with emotion and how we react that can make things worse. Take some time for yourself.

You have been giving time to everyone else and neglecting precious time spent on your well-begin with others.

When you catch yourself becoming irritable remove yourself from the situation.

Remember, nothing good will ever come out of yourself when you are in this state of mind. This is a perfect time to reflect and ask yourself, “Why did I get angry”, and “What are some of the lessons I need to learn”.

2. Feelings anxious and nervous

Our bodies are the roadmaps that we fail to listen to.

When you feel yourself getting anxious, ask yourself what you were doing or thinking about up until the point the anxiety started to kick in.

Take some time to breathe, in and out, slowly.

Be more present at this time.

You are worried about something that has already happened or has not happened yet.

And most of the time we focus and put our minds on the negatives rather than the positives.

Become aware of your thoughts and what you are telling yourself as we are in control of our own emotions and how we react to the world around us.

3. Saying yes when you want to say no

We tend to give time to more people other than ourselves.

This is another form of neglect.

By saying yes to someone or something else you are invertedly saying no to someone (you) or something else (something that will benefit you). Make sure you are putting yourself first.

You can not give what you do not have and if you are constantly people-pleasing this will only leave you feeling resentful.

4. Neglecting your self-care

Self-care is a popular topic.

We tend to fall short in this department and many of us need some guidance.

Many of us find ourselves too busy or give time elsewhere.

Take care of your body by going out for walks in nature, taking a therapeutic bath, purchase yourself some self-care items to unwind and relax (something that a majority of us have a hard time doing).

5. Poor diet, poor mindset

We are made up of energy, and our food is no different.

What are the foods you are consuming?

Are they rich in vitamins and provide your body with the nutrients that it needs and deserves to keep your body fueled for the day?

Or are you feeding your body junk and processed foods?

Your body will give you what you give it. I am sure you have heard this before,

“You are what you eat”.

6. Focusing on negative thoughts

You are too focused on the negative aspect of your life. You talk down on yourself and are not the best support system.

We are our thoughts. Our thoughts turn into words and then turn into actions.

Be careful in what you tell yourself. Be kind.

Treat yourself like you want others to treat you.

Do not be so hard on yourself.

You have done so much already and you deserve to tell yourself all the good things you have accomplished and will be accomplishing.

7. Attracting turbulent experiences

You are what you attract, despite the fact we hate to believe this.

You allow what you let in. When you are surrounded by turbulent experiences in your life this is a reflection of your inner world coming out into your reality.

Take the time to do positive affirmations and make some major and drastic changes in your life to get different outcomes.

If you want a different life then you need to act like you need to start giving it to yourself with no excuses.

8. Body parts twitching, hurting, or cramping up (you are disconnected from your body)

Have you ever been in a room with someone and you get a feeling in your stomach or your breathing starts getting heavy, or better yet, your eyes start twitching out of nowhere?

As mentioned before your body is a road map, and this is no different. It’s also called your intuition.

Now, this one is a bit personal and I am sure I can not be the only one who has gone through this.

Body parts twitching, may mean a lot of different things and it’s not meant to be any medical advice so please seek medical attention when necessary.

Our bodies try to communicate with us through our intuitions but when we are not

If you try looking for the significance of the meaning you will get bombarded with so many different things.

The best person who knows is you.

Use your discernment and allow yourself to be honest with yourself so you can find out what your body is trying to tell you.

9. Holding back from crying (suppressing your feelings)

Not allowing yourself to express your emotions can be detrimental to your mental health and this will and can catch up to you physically.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your emotions and allowing yourself to feel them. If you feel better crying in the shower then cry in the shower.

Refrain from wiping your tears, allow them to flow as they come out, and do not apologize for them.

10. Not speaking your truth (holding back)

This is another form of neglecting yourself.

By not saying what it is you want to say you keep it in and you may express it in other forms such as passive-aggressive, anger, rage, etc.

If you are not sure how to express yourself without getting angry then write it out.

This may help you connect to your feeling more so you can express yourself in a healthier manner.

11. Confused in your day-to-day task

Do you catch yourself going from one task to the next and forgetting what you were just doing? Is this happening way too often?

You may be putting too much on your schedule and leaving yourself out of your self-care rituals. Your mind is not meant to be run as a machine, so then don’t.

Confusion does not lead to anything positive so make sure you take time out for yourself. Your body is trying to constantly stay distracted to not allow inner healing to start.

12. Putting others first before yourself

This one is a no-no! It serves no one.

Now, you may be a parent or have other family duties where you have to put yourself last.

However, do not run yourself dry until you are so depleted that you have nothing else to give to your little ones.

Remember, you can not give what you do not have. Ask for help if you need it. Say no and don’t say sorry if you really don’t have the energy to do something if someone asks you to do them a favor. You owe that much to yourself.

13. Feelings and actions not begin reciprocated

Don’t ever stay in any relationship or situation where your feelings are not begin reciprocated.

And we can admit we know when this is happening, for a majority of the time.

You are with an energy vampire and there is nothing good that comes out of this other than for the other person.

Know your boundaries and keep them. Always giving and never receiving will put you off balance.

14. Not feeling loved or cared for

You are responsible for how you allow other people to make you feel.

If you are not surrounded by loving or caring people then it is time to start providing yourself with that to you!

Once you put yourself in this loving energy you will not allow anything less to come into your life.

Show yourself how much you love yourself by being there for yourself. And start showing up for yourself and not counting on others to do it for you.

15. Always wanting to stay inside

If you are neglecting yourself by keeping yourself locked up in your room then you are not doing anyone else a disservice but yourself.

This will affect your mental health and state of mind. This is different from giving yourself alone time. You may find clarity from keeping your distance from others but allow yourself to experience nature and breathe fresh air once in a while. Get out, and enjoy life’s beautiful gifts.

16. Comparing yourself to others

We are all guilty of this one. I mean, how can we not be with everything that surrounds us? You are going through your own unique journey and life. No one will ever care for you as much as you can care for yourself. Be kind to yourself and only start comparing the person you were to the person you want to become. You are the only one that is holding you back, no one else.

17. Looking into plastic surgery or botox

Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with getting work done.

But, many of us fall prey to what our body should look like vs our personality. There is no amount of surgery that will fix an insecure person.

You will keep finding something else to fix.

That is not to say that if you do end up getting botox or filler that it doesn’t make you feel more confident, but, do not go out of your way to make it the end-all-be-all solution.

Make sure you are already confident before you get it done. Your inner beauty is counting on it.

18. Listening to music (not on high vibration)

Music affects your moods.

And when you listen to specific frequencies and hear particular lyrics this can do the same thing. We are made up of energy, and so is music.

Choose music that will uplift you, choose music that will help you tap into your inner self.

You deserve to be operating at an optimal frequency most of the time, which is not impossible.

Next time you listen to music ask yourself what it reminds you of, or how is it making you feel.

There are many signs of blocked feminine energy, which one do you notice?

19. Managing addictions

When you are tapped into your feminine energy you are tapped into your intuition.

This means you are able to use your own discernment without the aid of drugs, alcohol, or anything else that can become addicting in nature.

This is to make you aware that if you are turning to these things for comfort or to get away from nearly everything in your life, then you are not allowing your inner knowing to be trusted thus negating the fact that you hold the truth within and are comfortable with that.

20. Not happy with your job

We have all been there, and, it is not a fun place for anyone.

Take this time to reevaluate your life. Know that you can provide yourself with something better.

It is the fear of the unknown that stops most of us from getting anything better in life. Allow yourself to be open to new opportunities.

Put in the work to find out what it is that would make you happy.

Maybe it’s not leaving your job, maybe it may just be a promotion you are looking for or a raise. Whatever that is you spend most of your day working so make it count and get it done.

21. Keeping yourself busy

Are you one that just can’t seem to find time to relax?

And when you do you just can’t seem to sit still.

This is a sign that you are not comfortable sitting with your emotions. That you need to keep yourself busy so you are not thinking about the things that actually truly matter.

And no I am not talking about that project that you have been putting off for nearly a month that is due this week, but, the matter that is inside of you. Because you matter.

22. Not having gratitude

If you are never grateful for what you already have how can anything better come into your life?

And, if you are the person that has a hard time figuring out what to be grateful for, you can always find something.

Even if it’s having the ability to buy a bottle of water, put gas in your car, or a car to sleep in. Playing the victim role will only keep you stuck in it. Say thank you every day in the morning once you get up (maybe before you go racing for your phone).

23. Not begin kind and nurturing to others

When you feel on edge or feel like people owe you something you will not be nice to others.

You are not coming from a place of love which is a key attribute to have if you are wanting to radiate divine feminine energy.

If you catch yourself neglecting the feelings of others, downplaying their emotions, or not listening to them in confidence then refrain from interactions with others for a few days until you can get your ish together.

I get it, everyone is going through their own problems and you may be tired of hearing people complain.

Take this time to learn compassion and being empathic towards others, it will only make you empathic to yourself.

24. Acting masculine as a feminine

If you are looking to unblock your feminine energy as a woman who mainly operates in the feminine then acting masculine is not going to help.

Ask yourself, how are you talking?

What are you wearing? (This does not mean dressing more provocatively, this can actually hold more masculine energy as you are coming out as the hunter).

Are you coming off as aggressive? Standoffish?

Look at how you are carrying yourself and make changes to allow yourself to vibrate in a feminine frequency.

25. Competing with masculine energy

Do you catch yourself competing with males?

If a man can do it, women can do it better sort of attitude? Well, this is not necessarily the way to go.

I get it, women empowerment, and women’s power, that’s all great and I am for it!

If you are looking to unblock your feminine energy then competing with an energy that is already instilled in you is counterproductive.

There is a balance one must find, like the yin and yang if you are wanting to do it in a friendly feminine way.

26. Not listening but speaking to be heard

When you are just hearing people and only waiting to speak, you are not listening. People are pretty attuned to when someone is just waiting to speak.

You cut people off, you are not giving them the chance to speak, or, you jump in and assume what they will say next.

Just, take a step back, and genuinely listen to people.

27. Not wanting to be around other women

This one may be a trigger to many especially if you are coming from a place mainly of ego.

Other women who are not confident in themselves or who are operating more from the masculine side tend to get discouraged or feel intimated by women who hold true to their equal balance of the two.

If this stirs up emotions for you take the time to dive deep within yourself to reach the root cause of the problem as to why you may feel this way.

28. Not feeling sensual

Are you shying away from your sensuality? And no, this does not mean sex.

Even though it can go hand in hand.

Sensuality is how you experience your body, other people’s bodies, and the world around you.

Think of your tone of voice, the way you walk, your demeanor in your body language, and the way you hold yourself in public.

What are some cues you’d like to work on?

If you are lacking in this area find activities such as dancing, making a meal, or even gardening.

29. Unhealed childhood traumas and wounds

This is a major one that keeps most of us stuck.

We are not taught how to deal with difficult situations when we are younger, let alone, even know when we have faced one.

It’s time to take inventory of your life and go as far back as you can remember.

Did you grow up with just one parent? Both?

How was your household growing up?

Did you receive the nurturing love that every child deserves?

Think back to any events that you could have suppressed at a very young age and start acknowledging them so you take your power back.

30. Impressing men is a priority

When you are working to impress the opposite sex as a heterosexual woman you are reversing the roles.

The men are the ones that are hunting.

You are not meant to impress them, it is quite the opposite. Now, that’s not to say that you should not care how you present yourself with your personality or your appearance.

This is more to say that you need to allow the men to hold the positions of masculine traits which allows them to use their instincts.

Also, be mindful of the fact that it is not natural for feminine energy to impress anyone. Feminine energy just is.

31. Hard time expressing love to others

It’s hard to love others when someone has a hard time loving themselves.

Take time to practice self-care techniques and rituals.

You can’t give what you don’t have so make sure you are giving yourself that tender kind of love that you search for in others.

This may be hard for people who did not grow up in loving households.

Practice by telling others thank you or letting people know you appreciate them.

32. Envious of other feminine energies

Oee, the envy is real and people can not only see it but feel it.

The accomplishment, the appearance, or anything else of others is not meant to trigger you, but if it does, then this is a sign that there is some inner work you need to do.

Feminine energies operate from a place of love that uplift each other and we are meant to be just as excited for them.

Protect yourself from unwanted negative energies by using affirmations or cleansing your space.

33. Avoidance

If you catch yourself avoiding daily tasks then you may want to consider the situation around you.

Avoiding situations does not do anyone justice and will only prolong your blocked state of mind.

How do you know you are avoiding things? Well, I would not be able to pinpoint this but start begins aware of the things you tell yourself.

Pay close attention to your negative self-talk and redirect them into positive ones.

You are capable of getting the things you want in life and most of the time we avoid things either out of fear or love.

Continue to elevate yourself and stop avoiding your true emotions that need to be validated. Work on it and remember to take breaks.

Realizing the things in your life that need attention can be draining and overwhelming.

Find a support system or lean into a good book for motivation and inspiration.

How to Unblock Your Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

Now that you have a better understanding of what blocked feminine energy can look like, let’s talk about ways you can look into unblocking this energy.

1. Acknowledge your emotions

It’s okay to feel angry and upset. But it’s not okay to not try to understand why you are feeling this way.

When you catch yourself becoming irritable remove yourself from the situation and take this time to reflect on your own as others’ judgments may cloud your own true perception.

2. Positive affirmations

Our thoughts turn into words and our words turn into actions.

Be careful in what you tell yourself.

Be kind.

Do not be so hard on yourself.

Here are some affirmations to write down:

  1. I am powerful. I am a being of love. I am love.
  2. Love and peace surround me and find me easily.
  3. You are abundant and you have everything you need.
  4. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever. You are a being of love and light.

3. Set & maintain your boundaries

To consider your signs of blocked feminine energy most of us have not even set our boundaries.

By not having boundaries you will allow people to walk all over you and take advantage of it. Learn to say no to others and start saying yes to yourself.

Walk away from relationships that no longer serve you, and say what it is that you need to say without the fear of what others may think.

By not having boundaries you will only be disappointing yourself.

4. Experience nature

Walking in nature, looking at the stars and moon, and swimming in a lake are all things that you can find therapeutic.

Even if it’s just beginning in front of a bond fire.

Take the time to give gratitude to mother earth, walk around with your bare feet on the grass, lay back, and enjoy the fresh air.

Give yourself this time to ground yourself and become one with her.

5. Take a break from social media

If you are catching yourself comparing yourself or mindlessly scrolling on any social media platform, then take a break from it.

No, I am not talking about setting a time limit. I literally mean it!

Take a day break. Your mind will thank you later.

Take that time to get to know yourself.

What are your favorite hobbies? When was the last time you tried something new? Well, don’t let this article stop you, go and do it!

Other ways to unblock your blocked feminine energy:

  • 6. Resting (taking a break)
  • 7. Practice gratitude
  • 8. Take action
  • 9. Be helpful
  • 10. Practice self-care
  • 11. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people

Final Thoughts on signs of blocked feminine energy

Signs of blocked feminine energy can manifest in physical, mental, and emotional ways.

Physical signs can include exhaustion, the tension in the body, and headaches or migraines. Mental signs can include difficulty focusing, difficulty making decisions, and feeling overwhelmed.

Emotional signs can include fear, anxiety, anger, and depression.

It is important to recognize these signs and take steps to open and clear your feminine energy.

Practices such as yoga, meditation, and journaling can help to open up your energy and make room for more joy and creativity in your life.

Working on this list will be daunting, but we believe that you can work through any obstacles.

If you found this post helpful let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to sign up for our 2-2-2 newsletter for all things spiritually savvy.

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