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how to start journaling for mental health

How To Start Journaling For Mental Health + Prompts

Have you ever written some of your deepest darkest secrets in a journal? You learned how to find ways of expressing yourself through writing. Here is your guide for journaling for mental health so you can start feeling more like yourself again.

What we will cover in this article:

  1. 7 benefits of journaling for mental health
  2. The How to guide for journaling
  3. Your Prompts for journaling for your mental health

Emotions affect almost everyone and most of us do not manage or handle these overwhelming feelings in a healthy manner, this is where journaling comes in.

Journaling for mental health starts with a desire to express yourself through writing, typing, or drawing. Finding the perfect prompts and guides to help you process your thoughts, emotions, and actions may help you reduce stress and adopt a healthier mindset.

To help you understand more about journaling on your mental health let’s go over how journaling may help.

7 benefits of journaling for mental health

Here are some of the benefits of journaling for mental health that may help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotions you go through daily.

Seeing your thought and feelings on paper helps you prioritize your fears and concerns. It may also help you understand which parts of your life make you happy.

1. Clarity On Your Emotions

Journaling will help you get your thoughts out on paper which may help you notice your emotions more clearly.

It may help you manage your moods so you can recognize triggers in your life better.

2. Getting Down To Roots Cause Of Your Problems

The practices and techniques you may use for journaling may help you get down to what problems have not been addressed in your life. We tend to go about our lives living on autopilot which does not help us resolve any issues.

You have the ability to go deep within yourself to find the root causes of the problems when you can see recurring patterns.

3. Healing Your Traumas  

Most of us are not fully present on a day-to-day basis. You may have trauma from your childhood and adult life that has been overlooked or suppressed you may not realize it.

Write down information about your childhood and adult life, and notice any feelings and emotions it may bring up. Ask yourself what your childhood was like. Do you always catch yourself begin on fight or flight mode? How do you handle anger or frustrations?

4. A Better Sense Of Self 

After all, who knows you better than you?

Journaling gives you the opportunity to have time to continue to get to know yourself. You tend to keep certain characteristics about yourself through life but there are other aspects of you that have changed


Needing change.

This is a perfect opportunity to write down the life you see yourself living in the next year or the next 5 years.

5. Free Therapy Session

This provides you with an opportunity for self-talk. You get to write down whatever it is you want without the feeling of begin judged.

You get you time. Be open, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and talk to yourself as if you were your own best friend.

6. Notice Patterns In Your Life 

In the midst of your busy life, you tend to overlook the bad habits and tendencies you allow into your lives.

Give yourself the time to go over any patterns you want to change and the ones that you have built over the years that you are proud of.

Do not only focus on the negative aspects of habits you have made for yourself but the good ones as well.

7. Higher Sense Of Awareness 

As a result of journaling, you will have a better sense of who you are. What changes do you have to make in your life and what boundaries do you have set up to protect your energy?

A higher sense of awareness is begin able to follow your intuition and make choices in your life that will benefit not only yourself but the people around you.

Here is your guide to journaling for your mental health

Everyone is different and so will your journaling routine. Try these tips and prompts to get you into the habit of journaling:

  • Start your morning. Keep a journal and pen ready to write or draw once you wake up and in your bag.
  • Refrain from technology. Do not check your phone, computer, or turn on your television right away.
  • Set yourself up for success. Write down anything that comes to mind when waking up, throughout the day, and before bed. Use the prompts below for guidance.
  • Journal. Keep a journal with you wherever you go and don’t forget a pen.
  • Nighttime. End your night by writing how you are feeling before bed and give yourself the chance to reflect on your day.

Your 11 Prompts For Your Mental Health

Here are a few journaling prompts for your mental health:

  1. This morning I feel … because ….
  2. Three things I want to accomplish today ….
  3. To complete these task, I will ….
  4. I will do my best to live in the moment when I start to feel ….
  5. This is how I plan to use my time today ….
  6. By the end of the day I want to feel ….
  7. I will set my boundaries today with …
  8. This quote will guide me today …
  9. I will remind myself today to take a breather when I start feeling ….
  10. If I have an off day today I will remind myself …
  11. I will inspire myself to help someone today with …

Let’s wrap it up …

Journaling helps you keep order in your life.

Your journaling journey is one that begins with our commitment and, even though it can be challenging, this path of mental health and growth can be the most beautiful and transformative path we can take in our lives.

As we grow more awareness within ourselves, we feel truly connected to ourselves, to people, and to every aspect of our lives.

Our relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Our sex life may even improve as we become more attuned to our mental health.

And we gift ourselves the joy of experiencing life with more intention, presence, and vibrancy than ever before. We hope you found these tips on how to start journaling for mental health help.

So if you’d love to learn more about different journaling prompts for your life, such as self-love, and healing, then explore our blog and sign up for our newsletter for much more!


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    This sounds like an amazing idea. You’ve inspired me to take up journaling! Thank you for the helpful sentence starters.

  2. Fransic verso

    I need to work on my mental health as lately, I’m not doing enough. These will help me a lot. I will save them and work on them. Thank for sharing!

  3. Melissa

    I’ve heard journaling is good for mental health but didn’t really know why. You’ve helped answer a lot of questions. Great post! 🙂

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