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How To Heal Wounded Masculine Energy In a Female

how to heal masculine energy

Are you interested in learning how to heal wounded masculine energy in a female?

Great! Because you landed in the right place.

I did not start learning about healing my masculine energy until I read into my sacred feminine energy which was the start of a journey that would change my life FOREVER!

I grew up with a single mother who raised four girls on her own (with the help of family & friends).

Nothing seemed to be “soft” and “feminine” about our upbringing which led me into adulthood. And here we are.

I have done a lot of soul searching throughout my life, pushing me to heal the relationship I had with my mother, not having a father around, begin brought up with what I can now say is a “stoic mother” who hardly ever (never) showed her affection to us. But it never meant she loved us any less.

Her idea of affection was food on the table and a roof over our heads, no time for “I love you”, or even hugs.

Luckily, the relationship with my mother because of reading You Are a Goddess, has led me to empathize with my mother’s upbringing which led me to understand how her strong sense of womanhood affected us growing up.

There is this IDEA OF HEALING and this journey will always be just that – healing.

I wanted to share with you the steps I took in my life to get myself to a better place which then led me to trust my intuition more, remove toxic people from my life, and love myself on a whole another level. And I know you can TOO!

In this article, you will learn how to continue the process of healing your feminine energy and understand yourself through the struggles and traumas you had/have in your life.

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In a world where strength has often been misconstrued as stoicism, and success measured by societal expectations, many women find themselves walking a fine line between their inherent femininity and the misunderstood, wounded aspects of their masculine energy.

Today, we embark on a transformative journey to unveil the power of healing, to mend the fragmented pieces, and to set free the boundless potential within.

Join us as we explore the path to restoring harmony and nurturing the sacred balance within, and discover the art of healing wounded masculine energy in the hearts of women.

To heal your masculine you must first tap into your sacred feminine. It’s through our sacred feminine that one finds healing


13 Best Ways To Heal Wounded Masculine Energy In a Female


Grab yourself this Five Minute Journal and begin by examining your behaviors, beliefs, and thought patterns. This will help you identify the areas where your masculine energy may be wounded or imbalanced. Self-awareness is the first step to healing.

2. Embrace Vulnerability

3. Mindfulness and Meditation

Grab yourself a meditation cushion, or yoga mat and get comfortable. These practices can help you become more attuned to your inner self. They encourage a sense of presence and help in understanding and balancing your energies.

4. Seek Support

Often, imbalances in masculine energy can be traced back to childhood experiences. Inner child work involves revisiting and healing past wounds to find a sense of wholeness.

6. Set Healthy Boundaries

Learning to establish and maintain healthy boundaries is essential for anyone healing their masculine energy. This ensures that you are protecting your own well-being and not overextending yourself.

7. Connect with Your Feminine Side

Embrace activities or practices that make you feel more connected to your feminine energy, such as art, dance, or nurturing relationships.

8. Release Perfectionism

Let go of the need for perfection and constant achievement. Understand that it’s okay to make mistakes and that your worth is not solely defined by external success.

9. Mentorship and Role Models

Seek out strong, balanced female role models who embody both feminine and masculine qualities. Their examples can be inspiring and educational.

10. Self-Care

Prioritize your self-care rituals to nurture your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This can include regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and relaxation techniques.

11. Reconnect with Nature

Spending time in nature can be incredibly grounding and healing. It helps you connect with your inner self and find balance.

When you are not able to go out into nature, using Aromatech Pine Aroma Oil to scent your home or office space will provide you with exhilarating feelings that will ease your mind and soul.

12. Journaling

This Five Minute Journal can be a valuable tool for self-reflection and self-discovery. Write down your thoughts and feelings to gain insights into your masculine energy and how it might be wounded.

13. Community and Support Groups

Joining a group of like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of self-discovery and healing can provide a sense of belonging and encouragement.

Remember that healing wounded masculine energy is a deeply personal journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It may take time and patience, but the process can lead to greater self-acceptance, inner balance, and healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

How Does Wounded Masculine Energy In a Female Look Like

Do any of these traits sound like you?

Excessive Control

When a woman with wounded masculine energy tries to exert excessive control over her life and the people around her, it can lead to stress and strain in her relationships.

Emotional Stoicism

Suppressing emotions and appearing emotionally detached or stoic can be a sign of wounded masculine energy. This can hinder authentic emotional expression and connection.


Unhealthy competitiveness and a constant need to prove oneself can indicate an imbalance in one’s masculine energy. This can lead to burnout and strained relationships.


A woman with wounded masculine energy may overwork, pushing herself to exhaustion in an attempt to achieve external success or validation.

Difficulty in Receiving

Trouble receiving help, support, or compliments can be a sign of wounded masculine energy. This may be accompanied by a belief that one must be self-reliant at all times.


A rigid adherence to logic and reason while disregarding intuition and emotions can be a sign of an imbalanced masculine energy.

Need for Perfection

Striving for perfection in all aspects of life can indicate an underlying sense of inadequacy and an over-reliance on external validation.

Avoidance of Vulnerability

Avoiding vulnerability and emotional intimacy can lead to difficulties in forming deep, meaningful connections with others.

Overemphasis on Achievement

A relentless pursuit of success, often at the expense of personal well-being and inner fulfillment, can be indicative of wounded masculine energy.

It’s essential to recognize that everyone possesses a combination of masculine and feminine energies, and both are integral to a person’s wholeness.

Healing wounded masculine energy in a female involves embracing a more balanced and authentic expression of both masculine and feminine qualities, leading to greater self-awareness, emotional well-being, and healthier relationships.

It may require self-reflection, therapy, or personal development practices to achieve this balance.

There are some parts of us that require healing and reclaiming our wholeness at some point in our lives.

Whether it’s masculine or feminine.

Healing the masculine side of you is managing the side of you that is overly aggressive, combative, as well as competitive.

To begin healing one must be aware of it.

Figuring out the parts of you that are wounded in your mental and physical toughness.

If you are having trouble at any part of your journey I highly recommend either reading or listening to You Are a Goddess, which helped me tap into my sacred feminine energy which then led me to start working on my masculine side.

“This book has changed my life and I am certain that it will for you too!”

Below is a list of ways on how to heal wounded masculine energy in a female that shows up in different areas of life.


  • begin too competitive
  • a desire for power and control
  • always action-oriented, not able to rest
  • taking on too many tasks and responsibilities
  • rejecting help or unwanted opinions
  • using assertive aggressive tones to get things done
  • you keep yourself busy and wear it as a badge of honor


  • you are authoritative and combative
  • you are not gentle and kind in your approach
  • coming off as always independent
  • unsolicited opinions or advice often
  • you chase, seek out approval, pressuring
  • you take charge of arranging dates or vacations
  • you make men feel useless, that they are not needed
  • problems with intimacy


  • not taking care of yourself with self-care and self-love
  • not connecting to your intuition
  • your boundaries are high or not healthy
  • not living in your truth
  • you become a difficult critic of your life
  • masculine tone, gestures, and body movements
  • keeping yourself action-oriented
  • your self-worth comes from the outside world – materialism and comparing yourself


Yes, any woman can experience wounded masculine energy, especially men.

However, it’s important to note that masculine energy is not bad or wrong. It’s learning how to balance the two.


The reasons why a woman expresses wounded masculine energy vary.

Some of the causes are:

  • taking on too many responsibilities
  • not begin heard or feeling wanted
  • overworking yourself to keep yourself busy to experience a deeper meaning to life
  • feel uncomfortable with gentle and nurturing other people
  • not healing childhood trauma that walks with you into your adult life

Being extremely wounded as a female in masculine energy is a way how you try to protect parts of yourself that have been neglected. It’s a coping strategy to feel more in control and in power.

I highly recommend you check this next article for more insights into why is this happening: Women With Too Much Masculine Energy


No, we all encompass feminine and masculine energy. Think of it as the yin and yang.

Healthy masculine energy in a female is knowing how to become action-oriented to achieve the things you want in life. It is especially needed in major societies today. Feminine energy is the flow of life and living life nurturing.


Learning how to release excess wounded masculine energy will look different for everyone.

Some ways to release excess wounded masculine energy:

  • get enough sleep
  • get physical exercise – run, punching bag, bike, swim
  • do breathing exercises or meditate
  • spend quality time with canine
  • listen to music
  • learn to forgive those around you and yourself
  • watch the great scenery in nature
  • have sex with yourself or your partner
  • drink water


Even though it can be challenging, this path of healing wounded masculine energy can be the most beautiful and transformative path we can take in our lives.

As you grow spiritually, you feel truly connected to God, to people, to the Universe, and to every aspect of your life.

Your relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Your sex life improves as you become more attuned to your body.

And you gift yourself the joy of experiencing life with more intention, presence, and vibrancy than ever before.

So if you’d love to learn more about how to integrate your masculine and feminine energy in specific aspects of your life, such as sexuality, explore our blog and sign up for our newsletter for much more!

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