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Are You a Women With Too Much Masculine Energy?

women with too much masculine energy

Women with too much masculine energy are seen as aggressive, competitive, leaders, and action-oriented. When a woman is in her masculine energy she creates structures and rules which may come off as controlling. In this article, we will go over ways you can exude more of your feminine energy.

Things you should know …

Are you a women with too much masculine energy? 

Then you may find it hard to be in a relationship with men who wants a woman who portrays her feminine energy most of the time. 

There is nothing wrong with you being in your masculine energy.

Many men appreciate a woman who can show this side once in a while. You just need to find the balance between the two to become a pleasant person to be around.

“Women, or the feminine energy, was meant to be the custodian or keeper of sensuality in relationships”

Masculine Energy

Women with too much masculine energy are seen as aggressive, competitive, leaders, and action-oriented.

When a woman is in her masculine energy she creates structures and rules which may come off as controlling.

Masculine energy is shown as someone who is assertive and focused. They inhibit a sense of power and when women are usually in this energy it may leave them overwhelmed and stressed.

When a man in his masculine energy is in a relationship with a woman also in her dominant energy it causes problems with one or both partners not feeling supported, not feeling nurtured, and an unstable relationship.

Feminine Energy

Women with feminine energy are seen as nurturing, calm, and open to cultivating a community around them.

Feminine energy is shown as a mother or father caring for their children, someone who encompasses creativity and understanding of the world around her, especially in nature.

Women in their feminine energy with a masculine man in a relationship help nurture, support, and stabilize the relationship. There is space for the man to lead and take action with purpose while the support of the women is critical to harmonize the union.

Why do women have too much masculine energy

Women in society today depending on where you are reading this have had a sense of liberation throughout the past century.

Women at one point were not able to vote, drive, work, get an education, and the list goes on. For the most part are now able to do all of this.

After joining the workforce at a high rate during WW2 in the United States women were in the workforce while also caring for the family.

The responsibilities of the women grew and more of them decided to stay in the workforce, it work out for them and the economy.

Fast forward to today, women are under pressure with work, family, household chores, and so much more that it leaves them feeling stressed and doing too much while also needing to take care fo themselves.

The defense mode is to become aggressive, compete with not only women but also with men in the workplace, not nuture the family, and so much more.

How to Balance the Two Energies as a Women?

balance two energies
Balancing the two energies is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible. Begin aware of the changes needed to be made is the first step.

Work on yourself in the sense of giving time to you. When you spread your time with others you are saying no to yourself thus leaving you feeling depleted and stressed at the end of it all.

  • Say “No” to people pleasing.
  • Give more time to you!
  • Allow yourself to learn how to communicate your emotions in a healthy manner.
  • Meditate and become more active.
  • Work on balancing your life and mind with a good healthy diet. We are what we eat.
  • Become consciously aware of inner child healing that is leaving you blocked or stuck.
  • Work on your feminine energies.

In Conclusion

Working on your feminine energy will allow you to find a balance with the two energies needed to be in harmony with a man that is in his masculine energy.

Women with too much masculine energy will have a hard time begin in a relationship with a man with his masculine energy. Working on this is not easy but neither impossible.

Take the time to do the work and provide that time that you need for yourself for healing and growth.

Become aware of  your actions and start making a conscious choice to learn how to communicate your emotions in a health manner.


  1. Liv

    I enjoyed this read, very insightful! I need to say more often in my life!

    1. Savvy Writer

      Thanks Liv! We are glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Sofia Z

    Very interesting, thank you!

    1. Savvy Writer

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. D'souza Anitha

    Women with masculine energy are no less than the nurtures with feminine energy. They contribute to their families, relationships and communities in their own unique way. Thank you for shedding light on that

    1. Spiritually Savvy

      Thanks D’souza! Humans with a balance of both energies are so pleasant to be around. The balance is challenging but possible.

  4. Fransic verso

    Great tips, definitely need to say no to pleasing people. I don’t like to see that. Thank you for sharing these tips!

    1. Spiritually Savvy

      Thanks Fransic! And yes, this one can be a tough one, especially for those of us nurturers.

  5. Nia

    This was a nice read especially as I am getting more into energies. I feel like I spent a lot of time in masculine energy then did a 180 and spent a lot of time in feminine energy. The balancing to become more whole is my next step then.

    1. Spiritually Savvy

      Thanks Nia! Balancing is a challenge but possible. Blessings on your journey!

  6. Hannah

    Very interesting, thank you! I have been trying to work on my inner child healing and people pleasing.

    1. Spiritually Savvy

      Thanks Hannah! Blessings on your inner child healing journey.

  7. Dana

    I have struggled so much balancing my feminine and masculine energy! I truly feel like working on healing my inner child has helped so much – I feel like when I’m at my happiest, I am more feminine. My masculine energy comes out the most when I’m upset and angry. Practicing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises has helped me more than anything!

    1. Spiritually Savvy

      Hi Dana! I could not agree more. You knowing that about yourself will allow other women to see it in themselves as well too. Women are already seen as more emotional and an unbalance combination with masculine energy can make it seem like a rocky unstable relationship within ourselves. There is also a dark feminine aspect of us that holds this anger and rage which we must also accept and acknowledge to have emotional intelligence over it. Thank you for leaving you comment.

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