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Don’t Embrace Your Dark Divine Feminine Energy Before Reading This

dark divine feminine energy

Are you interested in figuring out what the mystery is behind the dark divine feminine everyone is talking about? So are we! This is why we dedicated an article to give you the best insight into what is dark divine feminine energy and why you need it. 

But first, let’s define what dark is

Many of us confuse dark with bad, evil, or unnecessary. Dark is the absence of light, or little to no light at all. The dark is needed just like the other parts of us that we go on living in our daily lives. 

Parts of the dark illuminates the shadows or shaded areas. If we think of night and day, yin and yang through the concept of this article to help you focus on how it can be of use to you in your life then we are setting you up for the rest of what is to come.

What is dark divine feminine energy

Dark feminine energy is the beast that lives inside of every woman. It is the other half of you, the core part of every women alive today. It’s the source of unbridled sexuality to the degree no man can compete with. It’s the source of chaos and responsible for massive amounts of harm including psychological damage if not used properly. It detests being told what to do. 

For the most part of history, particularly in Western civilization the relationship between any feminine energy has been suppressed and has been complicated. It has been seen that any part of the women that are chaotic and aggressive is fragile and underdeveloped which is seem unfit by society’s standards. This is not the case. 

The irony to all of this is that you do not notice how we all seem to indulge in the dark feminine without even realizing it. It is important to embrace the dark feminine and carry it with us at all times. 

Remember like night needs day, the yin needs the yang to balance each other out, and the two sides are needed to be completeness as one.

The dark feminine energy is the transformational side of you. The shadow part of you that illuminates in the dark. It allows you to go within and find those parts of you that are associated with setting boundaries and becoming more assertive in nature.


Here are 5 reasons why you need to embrace the dark divine feminine energy

1. Inner work & healing traumas

The way to live your life is dependent on how you transform your traumatic experiences. It’s hard for you to not allow these moments to affect you the way they do but it is up to you to learn and grow from them. Many times you let it take over your being and you become your own problem. It is hard enough, to be honest with others let alone ourselves. 
Start trusting yourself enough to take your experiences and allow it to be used as fuel to propel you into the person you want to become. Seek help when needed and work on seeking guidance from those who are in a place where you would like to be. 

Do not allow your parent’s mishaps to continue your growth. Do not allow the relationships that did not work out to keep you from finding and growing with others. But most importantly, do not allow yourself to be in your own way for healing the parts of you that need to be acknowledged so you can then take the proper steps to heal the energy inside of you. 

 2. Live a purposeful life 

You want to live a meaningful life, don’t you? The dark feminine energy allows you to be in your power and set boundaries which are necessary especially when not everyone has your best intentions. It will allow you to feel intuitive when something is not right and you have no problem saying no to others. 

To live a purposeful life you must go through the battles to get through the victory. 

Work on what it is you want to accomplish in this life and the steps you need to take to get to it. No one else is stopping you but yourself. Be wary of what you give your time and attention to. And never, ever, neglect those feelings of needing to move from any situation. These moments are here to teach us about who we truly are.

3. Transformational and the shadow part of you 

Just like the moon illuminates in the dark and shines in the same form so do you! 

You are the moon and stars in your darkest times and these are the moment to bring it to the forefront. 

It’s time to no longer hide your fears, shadows, concerns, and anything else that is hidden from you. The dark feminine energy allows you to transform your life into a new dimension. It allows you to grow and brings to you what is real, honest, and true into your life. 

No one grows from comfort and stability, they grow from the uncomfortable aspects of themselves – the shadow part of you. The part that rarely gets attention or is shown to others, the parts that rather get suppressed. 

Why do we fail to neglect the darkest sides of us so that we do not use them to become a better version of ourselves? This is for you to take into your own hands and take the necessary steps to allow you to shadow part of you to illuminate even in the darkest times as the moon shines as bright as it does at night. 

4. It’s your ultimate guide to seduction 

Oe la la. Women functioning from their feminine energy in their lighter side (not dark) are compassionate, sincere, soft, nurturing, and emotional. On the other hand, the dark feminine energy encompasses a more seductive, passionate, fearless, and fierce energy to them. Think of commercials that use this to lure people in, the scents that we use to tantalize or seduce others. 

Your dark feminine energy is the energy that works best in the bedroom when feeling sexy and free. The liberation of you and your body as one with another. The seduction is not only for the bedroom but is also used daily and is all around you. It’s in the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the way you talk, and also how you walk. It just does not take the form of dark feminine energy however this is what it is. 

5. Allow it to embrace your healing with nature 

 How the moon shines bright at night and stars – you become one with nature. 

The healing comes from a part of us that needs transformation. Think of how women are meant to menstrual every month, we bleed, and our body intends to do this for the sole purpose of reproduction. This is nature at its finest working. 

Take time to ground yourself, pamper yourself, and allow the earth to replenish your soul in ways like never before. Take your shoes off and walk in the grass, let your feet feel the earth and your skin feel the heavy rain as it falls from the sky. Next time you are in nature give thanks to the trees for allowing them to provide us with the fresh air we need to survive, for the rain to water our plants and crops, and for the sun to provide us with the recharge that we need. 

Embrace nature, heal with nature, and do not neglect this part. It is the dark feminine energy that is needed to bring balance into your life for peace and happines.

Ways to access your dark divine feminine energy

  • Meditate
  • Accepting Change
  • Practice Self-Love
  • Acknowledge Traumas
  • Healing Your Feminine Energy
  • Utilizing Mother Nature
  • Creating Boundaries
  • Doing Shadow Work
  • Accepting your emotions

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