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dark feminine energy


Are you aware that your dark feminine energy is needed just as much as your light energy? Welcome to your guide to dark feminine energy.

It takes a strong person to survive. No one will know best what that looks like other than yourself. Here is your guide to learning more about energy and why you must be careful in embracing it. Everything in life that destroys you feels good. Many rarely want to stay alive and live right.

But before we begin let’s briefly go over the history of the dark feminine energy . . .


Most ancient cultures have had a divine feminine concept which also encompasses a dark feminie aspect. There are a few stories dating back to ancient times that we can start seeing the power of the dark feminine. The story of Kali, Skati in Hindiusm, and Lilith in Jewish mythology.

It intrgiuses me how much we have suppressed these energies especially in Western modern societies. Although, it comes no no suprises.


Dark feminine energy is probably the part of you that has been suppressed and misunderstood for most of your entire life.

Understandably, the patriarchal and capitalistic structures are playing a major role in how we view the dark feminine energy in all of us.

Just as the day needs night, so does the night need day. You will notice there is always a contrast to things in life.

Understanding the dark side of things is necessary for your life, it should almost be a must.

Dark feminine energy is the way you exude your confidence (which is a bit different than women in their light feminine energy which is more innocent & playful)

When you want to make a major decision in your life it’s a good forming habit to make a pros and cons list. It allows you to evaluate your options. However, there are circumstances where you may do your best to make the two happen which in that case is great for you.

Here are awakened dark feminine traits for a woman:

  • You come off as mysterious and alluring
  • Your destructive side is used for the greater good (fierce compassion)
  • You are powerful and magnetic
  • You are extremely confident but not boastful or arrogant
  • Standing up for others as well as yourself is admirable
  • You set and maintain well-needed healthy boundaries
  • You have no problems telling people “No”
  • You are assertive and direct so as to get things accomplished
  • You believe in a greater good, that comes with sacrifices no matter the cost
  • You have very little to no interest in the way people view you
  • You are not easily influenced by others and media
  • You literally do your own thing contrary to others’ beliefs
  • You use the art of seduction to complement your personality

Here are toxic dark feminine energy traits for a woman:

  • You use your sexuality and seduction to manipulate
  • Manipulation overall
  • You do not care for the greater good and will put yourself first all the time
  • You lack self-confidence and look for validation from others
  • When you do not get the validation you get angry, jealous, upset, or destructive
  • You do not know how to nurture or be a caregiver
  • Not begin able to be in solitude, codependency
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others
  • Gossiping and talking down about others to other people
  • Not wanting to face your struggles and trauma and masking the pain with toxic behaviors
  • Addictions
  • Many partners, begin unsafe and risky
  • Begin over-dramatic
  • You have no boundaries


It is not a matter of why do we need it moreso why do we need to embrace it. Because it is a part of us.

It allows us to understand the parts of ourselves that need healing, that have been suppressed and neglected. By understanding your dark feminine energy that much more you will come to a deeper knowledge and sense of a truer nature of who you are.


Look into the relationships around that has played a major role in your life, fous on your realtionships with your mother and grandmother.

Notice matiulatiation patters within your own life. Ask yourself those hard questions that we avoid most of our lives.

Be okay with solitude. Take spiritual baths. Talk to you more often.

Most of us need time to relax, and destress. However most of us can not. Working through your anxiety and shadows or who you are by finding healing within and with nature is something benefical for us all.

Understanding the aspect of Oneness and the laws of spirituality based on your religious life or the way you live can help faciliate a more meaningful life.


Even though it can be challenging, this path of workingn with your dark feminine energy can be the most beautiful and transformative path we can take in our lives.

As you grow spiritually, you feel truly connected to God, to people, to the Universe, and to every aspect of your life.

Your relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Your sex life improves as you become more attuned to your body.

And you gift yourself the joy of experiencing life with more intention, presence, and vibrancy than ever before.

So if you’d love to learn more about how to integrate your masculine and feminine energy in specific aspects of your life, such as sexuality, explore our blog and sign up for our newsletter for much more!

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