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signs of dark feminine energy

Are you wondering if you show signs of dark feminine energy? In this article, we will go over what dark feminine energy is, how to use it, understand its nature, and recognize the weakened signs of the dark feminine.

Understanding and noticing these patterns will help you better manage your own emotional roller coaster.

What is dark feminine energy?

Your dark feminine energy is the part of you that is assertive, warrior-like, and powerful – it also takes many positive qualities. It is the fierce passionate part that lives inside of us. It is the other half of you, the source of unbridled sexuality to the degree no man can compete with.

It’s the source of chaos and responsible for massive amounts of harm including psychological damage if not used properly. It detests being told what to do and stands up for what it deems right. Understanding your dark side is pivotal to living a balanced exciting life.

Let’s get straight into the signs of dark feminine energy.

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What are signs of dark feminine energy?

1. You express your anger proactively

There are many ways you can express your anger that can either be productive or reactive. The feeling of anger is not wrong or bad. When expressing your anger with dark feminine energy you are wanting to physically manifest these emotions.

How to express your anger productively:

  • Take up boxing, martial arts, dance class, or anything that gets you physically moving
  • Go for a run, walk, jog, anything that gets your heart pumping
  • Expressing and talking out your emotions even if it does not make sense
  • Screaming into a pillow and taking deep breathe
  • Deep breathing exercises (think heavy)
  • “Rage Room” or “Anger Room” rage cage to have fun, break things and destress

2. You are magnetic and authentic

Many people find you alluring and enticing in the way you carry yourself and how you go about living your life. You communicate with others well and show your positivity that will entice anyone you surround yourself with.

3. You are assertive and stand up for yourself

One thing you do well is being assertive. You take yourself seriously and do not accept anything less from anyone else that you surround yourself with. Standing up for yourself is something you do very well.

4. You feel empowered and in alignment with your higher self during sex

When you are in a relationship that is for your highest good, and the good of your partner, you allow yourself to be free and open during this time. You allow yourself to become one and become more in tune with each other’s energy which can make you feel empowered.

5. You are fearless and stand up for others

Hey, you fearless creature. You do not allow fear to get in the way of the things you want to achieve. Standing up for others takes bravery and you have no issues with this. There is a power you hold within yourself that you pass on to others when standing up for those in need.

6. You choose your battles wisely

Not every battle is meant to be fought. Understanding yourself well enough to know when you need to stand your ground. You are intuitive in this aspect and choose when to walk away or confront situations that are truly important.

7. You are sensual and seductive

Using your seductive nature is innate in you and you use it well. From the way you speak with others, to the way you use your sensual nature to improve existing relationships in your life. Do not hesitate to put your needs out there and do so in an attractive inviting way.

8. You hold other people accountable

When you are not afraid of holding people accountable for their actions and the way they are going about living their life. You do this in order to bring about balance and truth into one’s life. You are honest and open to changes that others need to make to live a more authentic life.

9. You do not have a problem saying no

There are times when saying no benefits not only you but others as well. You understand that you will let people down when they expect you to be there or count on you. When you understand that you have to put yourself first in order to give you will find more peace and balance in your life.

10. You do what is best for you despite what others may think or feel

There is a grace to you about caring what others think but then not caring so much that it overtakes your life. You have found a balance to provide yourself with the life you energetically desire without having to give wholly of yourself which jeopardizes your energy.

Understanding that you will never be able to please everyone so you dedicate your life to doing what is best for you.

11. You sense manipulative and ungenuine

Many people want something from you, and you know this, but you do not give in. You sometimes may point it out to people and let them know that either by pulling yourself away or by speaking your truth when others may not see it. What is not for your highest good you release.

There are people who need healing in this world and you understand that you can not put yourself in situations of wanting to help others that can not help themselves.

What are weakened signs of dark feminine energy?

Here are some examples of weakened signs of dark feminine energy:

1. Not setting boundaries

You allow people to take advantage of you, and doing so can leave you feeling angry, and upset, and releasing this as frustration on yourself and others.

2. Not handling anger proactively

Whether it is hitting, vandalism or any other way that you use your anger to hurt others is being reactive. You are not able to talk and communicate your feelings in a healthy manner.

3. Becoming codependent | signs of dark feminine energy

You feel a need to always interact or be around people. You are not good in solitude, this can lead to not understanding yourself on a deeper level which will take you down the road of always feelings needing to be validated.

4. Begin envious or jealous of others

Do you catch yourself constantly comparing yourself and getting envious? No one else in this world is not capable of anything that you can not accomplish. However, a limited mindset and not begin confidently can you lead you to question your own life.

5. You use manipulation and lies to get what you want

Manipulating people for your own benefit is never recommended. When you have to catch yourself lying or doing things that restrict the choices of others deems you not using your energy for good.

6. Insecure during sex

You act out in ways you otherwise would not normally. Also, you may lie about reaching climax, you overexaggerate like what you see in films but never are able to fully be yourself. Considering asking yourself questions to get to the root of why this occurs.

7. You are overly emotional

It can be safe to say that most of us have been here before. Handling your emotional intelligence is not something you do well if your dark feminine energy is weakened. Honing in on reasons why you react the way you do may be a step in the right direction.

How to heal weakened signs of dark feminine energy

There are many ways to recognize blocked feminine energy. Here are a few things you can work on:

  • Journal is a great way to get to a root problem that has been suppressed
  • Notice patterns in your life that leave you feeling confused
  • Look for healing in nature, go out for walks, enjoy a bonfire in the cold of winters
  • Meditate. Take space from people around you. Be comfortable in solitude
  • Separate yourself from people who are not for your highest good
  • Express your anger in proactive ways (seek therapy, actively engage in activities)

How to use your dark feminine energy?

There are many ways you can use your dark side, whether for good or bad. An example of using it for good is standing up for a cause that will potentially change the lives of others. While the bad aspect of it would harm others physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Learning how to balance the dark feminine energy for the betterment of society is like watching a superhero movie where the villain turns out to be the superhero – it just sometimes does not work.


The dark feminine energy is one that begins with you becoming more spiritually connected, even though it can be challenging, this path of self-discovery and spiritual growth can be the most beautiful and transformative path we can take in our lives.

As we grow spiritually, we feel truly connected to God, to ourselves, to people, to our belifs, and to every aspect of our lives.

Our relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Our sex life improves as we become more attuned to our bodies.

And we gift ourselves the joy of experiencing life with more intention, presence, and vibrancy more than ever before.

So if you’d love to learn more about how to use your divine feminine energy, wheter for good or bad (just kidding) orspecific aspects of spirituality in your life, such as sexuality, explore our blog and sign up for our newsletter for weekly post and monthly freebies!