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how to heal wounded feminine energy

Are you wondering if there are parts of you that are needing healing? Look no further. Here is your guide on how to heal wounded feminine energy.

In this article we will go over:

  1. What is wounded feminine energy?
  2. Do you have wounded feminine energy?
  3. How you will benefit from the healing
  4. How can you heal your wounded feminine energy?
  5. Nurturing your healing feminine energy

But, before I begin I’d like to add . . .

DISCLAIMER BEFORE YOU READ THIS: Question everything! And, do your own research into THESE topics. No one will know you better than you. Use your own discernment when reading this. 

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

Now, let’s begin . . .


It is the energy in you that is frustrated, upset, angry, hurt, and betrayed, need I go on?

The wounded feminine energy is the part of you that is begin denied. Allowing yourself to analyze and accept trauma, betrayal, lack of respect, and your overall well-begin.

Wounded feminine energy takes on too many responsibilities and is not confident in themselves. Attracting the things in life comes with struggles and obstacles, you are coming from a place of lack.

You may continue to repeat patterns and cycle in your life that is not in your highest good and feel as if there is no other way around it. The thoughts you have keeps you stuck in life and you question many of the choices you have made.

There are certain circumstances that have left you feeling depleted, unloved, unnurtured, or unwanted. This is a feeling that comes within yourself.

A wounded feminine also allows others to influence and manipulate you to benefit themselves and not you. You may lack self-confidence and look for approval and validation from the outside world and worldly materials.

Someone in their wounded feminine energy will look different for everyone so it’s important to get in in tune with your inner self and find out how you can start healing aspects of yourself you want to acknowledge and learn from.


Most of us have wounded feminine energy despite our gender. Yes, masculine and feminine energy is gender-fluid and has nothing to do with what you identify yourself with.

Figuring out if you have wounded feminine energy and how to heal it will vary. There are also many signs you can look out for when considering the parts of you that need healing.

Here are some signs of wounded feminine energy:

  • Lack of confidence: Feeling a need and want to change physical body appearance with surgery or any other enhancements
  • People-pleasing: Wanting to make others happy at the cost of your own happiness even if it does not make sense
  • Neglecting yourself: This can be in the form of self-care, not keeping up with your hygiene, unhealthy habits, or neglecting health-related issues
  • Not able to be alone: Solitude scares you and you do not know how to be with yourself without distractions
  • Constantly comparing yourself: You wonder why you can look, act, or be a certain way in life. Why are you not somewhere else in life in comparison to other people
  • Envy and jealous: It is hard for you to be happy for other people when they tell you about what they have accomplished or their plans in life
  • Not sexually confident: You have a hard time begin intimate with yourself or with your partner. There is a feeling of needing to fake your reactions because you are either not present or self-conscious of yourself
  • Easily angered: You have a hard time handling situations in a calm manner. It is easy to make you upset and lash out. You find ways to take things personally even if it has nothing to do with you.
  • Lack of nurture: There is a lack of calmness in your approach. You do not nurture the relationship with yourself and others
  • Unable to express emotions: You prefer to avoid this and ride it out until it goes away. You choose not to give time to how you are truly feeling

There are many other signs that you have wounded feminine energy. Unblocking what no longer serves you takes awareness and time.

Understanding if there are areas in your life that need upgrades or improvements is the first step into working with yourself and knowing who you are that much more.

Now that you have an idea of the signs of wounded feminine energy let’s go over how you can benefit from healing it.


Just like the signs and traits are different so are the benefits.

Overall, it will lead you to a more balanced life considering you are aware of your needs that have been neglected.

You will benefit in many areas of your life from healing wounded feminine energy.

The relationships you have not only with yourself but others will flourish.

Self-confidence will rise. Your boundaries will be set and you will be able to start making choices based on solely your needs and desire without the approval of others.

You are easy to talk to and not combative with others. And you will be able to help others when needed. Remember, that you can not give what you do not have.

So, if you feel depleted, stuck in life, and jealous of others’ lives then you can not be there for others. You will have an easier time trusting in the choices you make and not stay stuck in your feelings of despair and distress.

Your intimate life, inside and outside of the bedroom, will become more authentic and real. No need to fake anything here. Living a more healthy and balanced life is important to you and healing your wounded feminine energy will provide you with a better sense of awareness and emotional intelligence.

There are many benefits from learning how to heal your wounded feminine energy, but you must first acknowledge that healing is required in certain areas of your life.

Now, reading all this sounds good, but how do you actually go about healing your wounds and what actions can you take to make this happen?


Choosing to heal and the journey that comes from it is a perplexing phenomenon. It leaves you feeling relieved into finding a deeper sense of purpose and on the other hand may leave you feeling overwhelmed at what truths you have uncovered.

It is almost like healing after surgery, or working your way up to become yourself again after begin sick for days or even weeks. You are not just better overnight.

Preparing yourself for the self-care you will have to be providing yourself after and during the healing process is critical.

Here are some ways you can heal wounded feminine energy:

  • Take time off from yourself (get out of your own mind, or headspace)

You can consider getting a massage, going out in nature, and releasing any expectations from yourself. This would be a great time to do a spiritual bath. Nature has many healing properties, so go on out and get some!

  • Surround yourself with uplifting people

Of course, everyone has their own trauma and pain. But begin surrounded by people who have a constant negative mindset, toxic, constantly complaining, or are not genuinely happy with your achievements may need to get relook at your life.

Join local meet-up groups in your area. Get involved in volunteering for a cause. Meet up with family and friends. Utilize online meeting groups if necessary. Participate in a course. Take up a hobby.

  • Maintain healthy eating habits

This one is actually really important right next to who you surround yourself with. Your body runs off from the energy you provide in the form of what you eat. I am a big believer in you are what you eat.

So, if you are eating like crap then do not be surprised if you are feeling like crap. Stick to freshly made foods, and do your best to avoid foods and drinks that you know are not good for you. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

  • Maintain your boundaries

Before you can maintain your boundaries you must first know what they are. If you are feeling more irritable or easily frustrated lately figure out the root cause of why. Once you have figured it out realize that these are areas in your life you may not be willing to compromise for your own happiness.

By setting boundaries you do not leave yourself feeling drained, depleted, or frustrated with your life around you thus taking out on other people. Others prefer you set your boundaries versus beign passive-aggressive.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who am I doing this for?
  2. What am I giving up by saying yes or no?
  3. Am I able to do this without wearing myself out?
  4. Whose idea is this?
  5. By saying yes what am I then saying no to?
  6. Are you able to ask someone to help?

Refrain from thinking about how everyone else will feel. Do not neglect yourself with the choices in your life that you’re in charge of.

  • Get in touch with your religious or spiritual life

No matter what you believe in, believing in a higher power that comes from within will help you ground yourself. Whether you pray, meditate, or anything else these rituals will leave you feeling more grounded and humble.

  • Use your creativity

Creativity is one of the aspects of feminine energy. Use this time to journal to find a deeper meaning to your life, and take up dance or art class to express the inner you out into the world.

Play music or sing your heart out. Whatever it is that you desire to do to use your creativity just do it.

  • Allow your life to flow

This one is not easy. Well, none of the items on this list is. Letting go is something many of us have a hard time doing. We want some form of control and to know.

By forcing this you are creating resistance that will not allow the flow of life to come naturally to you as it’s meant to.

The journey of life is a balance of embracing the known and the unknown.

  • Healing your masculine side

Understanding that we all encompass the two energies. By learning more about your masculine energy you will be able to understand your feminine energy more.

Many times we are confused and bewildered at how our life is going when all we. have to do is take a step back and take a different perspective on it. Learning more about your masculine energy will help you become aware of the parts of you that have been suppressed and neglected so that you can live in your true feminity.


As mentioned previously, the journey after becoming more aware of the traumas and pain in your life may leave you feeling more drained.

Take this time to be gentle and kind to yourself. Do not be so hard on yourself for not noticing what you should have noticed sooner.

Becoming kind and compassionate with yourself throughout this time will be like taking care of yourself after surgery or from begin extremely sick – it’s going to take time to get back to you.

Working on how to heal your wounded feminine energy whether you are a male or female is life-changing for sure. But, the continuation process after the healing is a whole other journey all on its own.

You will be tempted to go back to your old ways, to forget the healing you’ve already done, or to stop when you are so close. Find a great support system at this time whether that’s in real life or an online community (always use caution).


Even though it can be challenging, this path of healing wounded feminine energy can be the most beautiful and transformative path we can take in our lives.

As you grow spiritually, you feel truly connected to God, to people, to the Universe, and to every aspect of your life.

Your relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Your intimacy life improves as you become more attuned to your body.

And you gift yourself the joy of experiencing life with more intention, presence, and vibrancy than ever before.

So if you’d love to learn more about how to integrate your masculine and feminine energy in specific aspects of your life, such as spirituality, explore our blog and sign up for our newsletter for much more!


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