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divine feminine energy

You may have heard about feminine energy and wondered what it is.

This concept may be new to you or you may be looking more into the topic after hearing or seeing it somewhere on your social media.

This concept is not an easy thing to get our minds around. These energies are lucid and we seem to encompass the two: masculine and feminine.

We may be struggling with different aspects of our lives and the first question to ask yourself is which one of the two would need healing. Maybe it’s both?

Now, I presume you would like to know where does one even start?

Well, I can not tell you anything you do not already know.

And it does not matter what you listen to, read, or watch; you need to put in the work. It all comes back to what you decide to do with the information you have.

However, a few of you are not able to heal because most of us do not know we are still consciously wounded.

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Questions to ask yourself:

  1. How do you experience pain in your life?
  2. How do you express your anger?
  3. If you are at a place of peace with your life what are some of the experiences of your awakening(s)?
  4. What is your belief system?
  5. Are you open-minded?
  6. What are your views about death? Or rebirth, reincarnation, or various other interpretations.
  7. If tomorrow started and now everyone has access to your entire life publicly what would be that one secret you wouldn’t want anyone to know? And why?
  8. Ask yourself the next time you say “yes” to something ask yourself the reason why. It does not mean there is a reason or a needed explanation for anything this is to practice begin in tune with you. Giving yourself a perspective about yourself.
  9. Do you suffer from constantly searching for the next best thing syndrome?
  10. Are there repeating thoughts preoccupying your mind more than the things you want to accomplish in life?

However, learning more about this topic and tuning into your personal energy will be something that no article, no social media can give you that you can not give yourself.

I’d like to start by letting you know that before reading more into this topic.

According to the EIA, the definition of energy is to do work. You have to do the work.

You could be laying down eating something you probably should not be eating while reading this (I know it was your cheat day).

Whether this would be called something other than ‘feminine energy’ such as blue energy or red energy, it doesn’t matter what you call it.

Do not dismiss us begin in the midst of other various energies.

A distinction, or explanation for particular traits and characteristics of the human mind that we all are surrounded with on a daily basis. How are you taking that information in?

Feminine energy:

Note: There are rules and variables to many things. One outlook is that those who take precedence of feminine energy are women, men also have this energy but women are able to harness it more. This is why when a woman is off her feminine energy is makes a major impact in her life that affects those around her.

A woman that is child-bearing is a wombman, and it’s important to heal particular aspects of this in your life.

To be in your feminine energy means to be in tune with aspects of yourself that are creative, nurturing, caring, receiving, intuitive, utilizing mother nature for healing purposes, and overall the process of building unity with yourself and the world around you with compassion.

Understanding feminine energy may be different based on cultural, geographical location, societal expectations, and more factors that can play a role in how we perceive and attribute this energy in our experience in life.


Feminine energy will feel different in women and men. However, it encompasses overarching themes of compassion, empathy, communication, nurturing, cultivating communities, and much more.

Especially, a renewal of yourself once you get into this energy. You feel awakened and more aware of the world around you.

You allow yourself to be in open communication with others. Begin in your feminine energy may not always feel ‘good’ you may be in a situation where you have to make decisions for a higher good and understand feelings will be jeopardized in the process but you understand the bigger picture.

You feel in tune with who you are and appreciate nature with the flow of life, a yearning to connect more to nature so as to connect with yourself.

Feeling higher vibration and begin surrounded by like-minded people makes it more euphoric.

This feeling may also make you feel more patient, understanding, and peaceful.

On the other hand, you may also feel conflicted, confused, and other feelings that seem a bit heavier but it’s how you respond to the situations in your life.

Here is some feeling of what feminine energy feels like:

1. Blissful in the state of begin

2. More consciousness

3. Inspirational and creative expression

4. Nurturing and kind

5. Empathic

6. Powerful and secure in yourself

7. Confident in your boundaries

8. Sensual and intimate


So, the question is how can you tap into all that energy from the section above? This is not an overnight process.

Begin honest with yourself more often is not the easiest thing. Taking accountability for how your life has turned out so far is on you. You will not be able to take the fruitful advantages of begin and harnessing your feminine energy if you do not hold yourself accountable for your life.

Here are some ways to tap into your feminine energy:

1. Take accountability for your life

How your life has turned out is based on the decisions and circumstances you have allowed and put yourself in. Reflect on your life and take inventory of it.

2. Accept challenges as inevitable

You constantly want to be in state of things going smoothly, however, this is not always the case.

3. Going with the flow of life

I get it, easier said than done! But by begin more present and allowing things to flow you will not unnecessarily want to stress yourself out.

4. Let go of control

Controlling is a more masculine trait. A balance is needed for the practicality of the societies we live in.

5. Surround yourself with healing wombman

I would like to start by making a distinction about the true nature of women which is one that has a womb to provide life. The healing you get with the same species and the likeness of one another allows us to see the similarities and healing powers when we come together.

6. Seek healing in nature

Nature has its healing properties. Find creative ways to bring a bit of more nature to your home.

7. Nurture yourself

Take time to give yourself that self-love and care. You can not give what you do not have.

8. Use that creative part of you

The creativity that we all hold inside of us is a great deal of our life. Use this time to allow yourself to open up your life to this part of you.

9. Let your intuition be your guide

Our internal road map is our intuition.

10. Rest

Reset. Rest. You can not run on an empty tank. Take time to take a breather and refocus your energy back onto your body.

11. Herbal bath

It could be a herbal bath, you can use a bath bomb, or any other form you feel comfortable with. Water is an extremely healing property.

12. Reading or listening about the topic

What helps most of us is hearing others’ experiences and stories. One of my favorite books of all time is called You Are a Goddess by Sophie Bashford. This book has led me to healing areas of my life I had a hard time recognizing needed healing.


Many factors will play a role in what feminine energy in a relationship will look like for everyone. However, if we are going based on societal constructs, geographical location, and if you are in a heterosexual relationship.

Here are some traits of awaken feminine energy in a relationship:

  1. You are nurturing and caring
  2. You are receptive and empathic
  3. You are in a place to be open to generously receive while also giving (giving is a masculine trait)
  4. You are confident in your sensuality and sexuality (modestly & not for entertainment)
  5. You support women in their dreams and goals
  6. You are a great listener (are careful to provide unsolicited advice)
  7. You have healthy boundaries
  8. You are great at taking care of yourself and others
  9. You are humble and gracious


Even though finding your feminine energy may be challenging, this work and reassurance of yourself can be the most beautiful and transformative direction we can take in our lives.

As you grow more into your feminine energy, you feel truly connected to who you are and to other areas of your life.

Your relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Your sex life improves as you become more confident.

And you gift yourself the joy of experiencing life and people with more intention, presence, and realness now than ever before.

So if you’d love to learn more about how to radiate your feminine energy, masculine energy in women, and personal growth in specific aspects of your life, then explore our blog and sign up for our newsletter for much more!

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