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Femininity define in 2023 and it comes as no surprise that we are seeing this everywhere. Feminine power, femininity, feminine energy, you get the point. Here is your guide to owning and growing that ish.

Femininity will be defined by a few people differently, however, there are some common basis that are the foundations for what femininity is.

Understand this first …

Depending on where you live geographically, your culture, and who you are as a person based on morals and social conditioning may limit your views on femininity define.

You may or may not resonate with the definition the world has placed on it itself as it may limit one in their societies.

Or, you may see it as a beautiful opportunity to embrace the healing nature that femininity brings along with it. Who knows, maybe you may feel indifferent.

No matter what the case is understanding the dynamic shifts of femininity throughout the centuries has brought in some ultimate approvals for change. Let’s get right into it.


Femininity is defined as one who is able to embody the essence of a feminine. A feminine begin the one who is nurturing, caring, empathic, grateful, generous, and a lover of nature and the world around them.

You are calm and emotionally intelligent, you are confident and maintain your boundaries when just.

Our perception of ‘femininity’ throughout the age of technology in Westernize culture has definitely made an impact on how we not only view others but ourselves (if many even pay attention to it).

Here are some traits of feminity define:

  1. You are quick to help others and nurture them when needed
  2. You take accountability for your actions and allow it to not happen again
  3. You learn from your lessons
  4. You embrace changes
  5. You are confident in who you are with realistic and spiritual meaning
  6. You are soft-spoken and gentle with others
  7. You enjoy lifting and motivating other people
  8. You keep and maintain healthy boundaries
  9. You embrace solitude and aloneness with gratefulness
  10. You take charge in your true goddess-like energy
  11. You do not compete (with men or women)
  12. You allow things to be as they are
  13. You are in control of your emotions
  14. You walk and carry yourself with grace
  15. You are approachable and friendly


It may seem daunting at times but becoming more aware of your actions and how you portray yourself in this world is everything. You are mirroring your entire inner world on the outside.

There are a few questions you may ask yourself to understand what level of femininity define you are operating from.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. How is the group of women I surround myself with? Are they adaptable? Are they genuine and nurturing?
  2. How do I react when I am angry or someone says something I do not like?
  3. Think past to your childhood, what are some of your favorite memories?
  4. Who raised you growing up? How was that relationship?
  5. What do you do when you are happy and excited?
  6. How do you spend your time alone?
  7. What are the types of clothes you wear?
  8. How do you react when you surround yourself with the opposite sex?

You can see that by asking yourself these questions you are building a better deeper understanding of who you are.

If you were not able to answer many of the questions without bringing up any emotions you may have blockages in your energy that are suppressing the feminine aspect of you to come out.

What femininity is not:

It’s not shaking what your momma gave you for the gram, it’s not checking through your partners’ phone or nagging at something he did not do.

Or dancing around in a TikTok video with your body parts gigglingly all over the place. And it’s sure as (bleep) not you putting down other people for attention and self-gratification online.

Many women in their feminine energy are opposed to these sorts of behaviors and find it brainwashing, and draining to watch. It honestly serves no purpose for anyone.

Nevertheless, when you are in your feminine power you do not seek validation from the outside world but rather from within. You have a deep intuitive instinct that guides you in your life like a road map and you make it a point to listen to it.


Even though finding and maintaining your femininity may be challenging, this work and reassurance of yourself can be the most beautiful and transformative direction we can take in our lives.

As you grow more into your femininity, you feel truly connected to who you are and to other areas of your life.

Your relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Your sex life improves as you become more confident.

And you gift yourself the joy of experiencing life and people with more intention, presence, and realness now than ever before.

So if you’d love to learn more about how to radiate your feminine energy, masculine energy in women, and personal growth in specific aspects of your life, then explore our blog and sign up for our newsletter for much more!

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