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How to Align with the Universe Spiritually in 9 Steps

how to align with the universe

Are you interested in finding ways to rebalance your energy? Did you know that learning how to align with the universe in a spiritual way could help you achieve this? In this article, we will go over the 9 important steps and actions needed to take to align yourself.

Before we get into the steps let’s go over what aligning with the universe means …

Align With The Universe Meaning

Aligning with the Universe means coming to an understanding that we are all connected, we are all one with God. Becoming one with the universe is not an easy task, but it’s also not impossible. Knowing this will allow you to become humble and have a greater sense of self which will allow you to become open to receiving abundance and guidance.

While aligning with the universe remember that:

  • We are all one.
  • There is a deeper meaning than what we may think or believe.
  • Appreciate nature and practice gratitude.
  • Seeing a bigger purpose other than yourself.

9 Steps On How To Align With The Universe

1. Be Present

One of the best ways to align with the universe is by begin present and in the moment. It allows you to experience. You can try meditation or breathing techniques to help you focus in on what is going on around you presently.

2. Practice Gratitude

Begin thankful for what you have allows you to open up to let more abundance into your life. Be thankful each morning for waking up, as you take a breath in and out be thankful for the ability to breathe.

Appreciation is one of the quickest way to align yourself with God who is the creator of the universe.

The universe is always emitting energy which if of the highest vibrations, which is what you are giving off when you are practicing gratitude. Journal down 5 things you are grateful for and put them on your wall or mirror.

3. Heal Yourself

Find the time to go deep within yourself if you are dealing with moments of stress, anxiety, and depression.

You are not always meant to feel happy and joyful, however, many of us have not healed from our childhood traumas as adults and we unconsciously carry this with our relationships with ourselves and others.

How do you handle anger, emotions, or your relationships with others and yourself? Take the time to seek help and guidance when needed so you can align yourself with a higher version of you.

4. Following Your Intuition

We have the answers we need inside of us. That feeling that you get is unexplainable when you are guided to take action, leave a situation, or find time to be silent and still. It is a time when you know whether or not to connect with others.

Trust your gut feelings, this is your internal road map. It helps you to determine and make decisions quickly when you are honing in on your purest form of intuitiveness. Take this time to journal for clarity when is most needed.

5. Journaling and Scripting

Journaling will help you focus on your deepest emotions and thoughts without the noise around you. It gives you time to yourself to be still and allow yourself to just write. Writing is known to be extremely therapeutic and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

6. Stay Active and Get Moving

Walking and staying active is probably one of the best ways to show your body you care. You are able to release negative energy while connecting to nature.

The way you move and how you decided to stay active will help you live a better and stronger life which provides you benefits to your health. Moving matters so get moving!

7. How to align with the universe by reading spiritual books

Reading is one of the greatest things you can possibly ever do for yourself. With whatever it is you want to learn nothing is out of reach. Aligning with the universe will take you to learn more about yourself and what better way than to pick up a good spiritual book?

8. Giving yourself space

By allowing yourself space from the rest of the world allows you to connect with the universe. You are apart of the universe and the univere is apart of you. Aliging yourself with yourself will give you a better understanding to the world around you. Invite self-awarness and take time to reflect so you can not only supoort yourself but others as well. You are the universe.

9. You are exactly where you need to be

You are where you need to be at this moment in life. You are just where you need to be. At times we want to be ahead, we want to negelect were wecame from to where we currently are. The universe is abudant and time is but a mere illusion.

Wheter you are worrying about what you do not have or have not yet accomplished understanding your own experience without the limited belifs will help you appreciate the moment you are in life at this very moment. Cut yourself some slack. Take this time to tell yourself you have done a great job.

What causes you to be in alignment with the universe

There may be many reasons that would cause you to be in alignment with the universe but the biggest one would be feeling like something is missing. We are always searching for answers and feeling like there has to be a purpose for this all. What causes you to be in alignment with the universe is a personal individual experience, however, we are all still one and connected.

Signs you are in alignment with the universe

You may be getting signs throughout the day such as repeating numerical patterns, animals such as spirit guides, manifesting things into your life, or even hearing a particular song. Even though you may not be able to explain what is going on you are begin supported. You can also see this as the universe sending people along to help you in your life just at the right time or things just keep working out for you despite challenges.

How to align yourself with the universe using manifestation

Making sure you are clear with your intentions while manifestation is important. How will anyone know what it is that you want when you do not know this yourself? Be aware of your thoughts as this will align with your words, and then your words will follow with actions.

Aligning yourself with your intentions is the key to manifestation. Pay close attention to what you tell yourself so you can properly align yourself with your true desires.

How to align with the universe using affirmations

Aligning with the universe is a relationship with yourself.

What are you telling yourself on a daily basis? How are you affirming your thoughts at this time to build a positive relationship at this time?

Let’s wrap it up …

I hope that by now you are coming to relization that you are apart of the universe and the universe is apart of you. We are all connect which makes us all one. Aligning with the universe allows you to become humble and provides you peace and healing throughout your life.

Begin present and practing gratiuide regularly will allow you to connect to your intutuion. Stay active and use journaling prompts to dive into a deeper relationship with yourself.

Remember, that you are exactty where you need to be in life and by allowing the signs the universe has for you to be shown is a great way to give youself the life you have always truely wanted.

Happy manifesting.

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