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The 77+ Spiritual Journal Prompts For Growth

spiritual journal prompts for growth

Grow and glow with these spiritual journal prompts.

You are not alone, so many of us feel periods in our life of stagnation and mundane routine that leave us feeling drained. In the article, we go over 77 spiritual journal prompts for growth to help you live a better life.

What Is A Spiritual Journal?

If you are looking to grow spiritually then begin able to clarify your journey will require a way to see where you have been to where you are going.

77+ Spiritual Journal Prompts For Growth

Your Personal Spiritual Journey

1. What is my definition of spiritual?

2. What are ways I can grow spiritually?

3. How has spirituality helped me grow?

4. What are things that confuse me about my spirituality?

5. Write about a time that questioned your spirituality?

6. Have you ever gone through a spiritual journey? If so, please go over this in detail.

7. Have you ever been through more than one spiritual journey?

8. How do you view the idea of spirituality and religion?

9. What difficulties and challenges are you conforting at this time?

10. Write 5 things you are grateful for about this journey? Post this on your wall or mirror.

11. List 5 ways you connect to your higher self?

12. Do you notice signs your higher self is talking to you?

13. How did you start your spiritual journey?

14. Have you ever encountered warning signs from the universe?

15. How do you find time to recharge your energy?

16. What are some ways you handled negative energies?

17. Take this time to write down 5 emotions you feel when you meditate.

18. What are some of your universal signs and symbols that resonate with you?

19. What were the steps you took for your spiritual growth?

20. How have you shared your spiritual growth with others?

Prompts for Spiritual Awareness

21. I become more in tune with myself when I …

22. Three things I do to help me focus on my awareness is …

23. What does spiritually aware mean to you?

23. What are things I do to help me become more spiritually aware?

24. How can you become more consciously aware of what you were tomorrow?

25. Take 10 -15 mins to meditate today. How did you feel afterward?

26. What people, places, or things had the most influence of your spiritual life?

27. What makes your life worth living?

28. Reflect on significant events that led to your spirituality?

29. Do you believe you are a spiritual begin going through a human experience?

30. How does your spiritual journey impact your life?

31. When was the last time you observed your patterns?

32. Are you feeling a sense of connection to yourself?

33. How would you describe finding inner peace?

34. Write down 5 ways you listen to your intuition.

35. What are your views of death?

36. What are some ways you feel connected to people and the world?

37. What are some ways you have let go of attachment?

38. Write yourself 5 affirmations that go with your belief.

39. List the last 3 books you have read. How have they impacted your life?

40. What are ways you build synchronicity with the universe?

41. How have you increased your compassion?

Spiritual Awakening Journal Prompts

42. How do I view other people who are on their spiritual journey?

43. Have you ever gone through a spiritual awakening? If so, please go over this in detail.

44. Have you ever been through more than one spiritual awakening?

45. What are your experiences with spiritual awakening?

46. How do you support yourself throughout this time?

47. How do I know if I am going through a spiritual awakening?

48. Do you believe you can go through more than one spiritual awakening?

49. What caused your spiritual awakening?

50. How did you benefit from your spiritual awakening?

51. Do you feel more aware of everything around you?

52. How do you feel like this has helped your authenticity?

53. Why do you think you had a spiritual awakening?

54. Do you think that this was unbecoming of everything you’ve ever known to be true?

55. Do you feel like you are constantly in a spiritual awakening cycle?

56. Have you noticed different types of awakening in your journey?

57. What were your symptoms of a spiritual awakening?

58. What are the signs you are going through a deep spiritual awakening?

59. Are you craving more alone time throughout this time?

60. What are some signs you are already aware of?

Daily Spiritual Growth Prompts

61. What did you do yesterday that prepared you for today?

62. What is the biggest thing you are grateful for right now?

63. Where does your spiritual grit show up in your daily life?

64. What can you do today to contribute to the world?

65. What are 5 things you are grateful for today?

66. Spend a limited time on social media today. Write down how you felt.

67. What are some things you want to write about today?

68. Did you find anything new or insightful today?

69. Write a prayer down that you pray at night.

70. How do you connect internally and express yourself?

71. How do you feel about yourself today?

72. Write 5 positive things about you today.

73. Write a letter to yourself for encouragement for your future self.

74. What do you need to remind yourself daily even on your worse days?

75. Have you shared your spiritual experience with someone lately?

76. Write down any questions you have for yourself. Come back to it later and write your answer without thinking.

77. How have you expanded your mind lately? Examine and write down your beliefs in your spiritual journal prompt.

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