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How To Heal Your Feminine Energy

how to heal wounded feminine energy

How to heal your feminine energy starts with the inner work of yourself and you can start this simply by journaling.

It’s nearly impossible to go by your day-to-day life without being bombarded by the masculine energy that surrounds us.

This can impact women in many ways. Especially if you play a dominant role in your job, family structure, or even in your daily task-making decisions. Healing your feminine energy starts by acknowledging areas in your life that may need adjustments.

But how do you go about figuring out what areas those are in your life? Great question.

In this blog post, I will be going over how to heal your feminine energy and reclaim your power!

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What is feminine energy?

Feminine Energy is the intimate space you hold within yourself. It is how you show yourself and others the caring, nurturing, embracing, and gentle side of you.

The feminine energy is soft-tone and gentle in approach. It is an understanding, motherly vibe type of feeling. It provides you with a safe place to be heard and acknowledged.

Feminine energy is NOT manipulative or seductive. It is humble and sincere. It is conservative and reserved.

Holding space for something so sacred is not an easy task and will involve challenging changes in your life – but you are more than capable!

How Do I Figure Out What Areas in My Life Need Healing?

This will involve deep self-reflection. Many times talking it out with a professional can be extremely beneficial.

Or, on the other hand, just begin in tune and learning to listen to your intuition can work wonders.

Start by journaling once a day. Preferably at the end of the night before bed. By doing this it may allow you to become more consciously aware of impacting thoughts that then lead to actions in your daily life.

If you catch yourself around unnecessary drama at work (or even family & friends) then you can make it a habit by choosing to not surround yourself with people who are not for your highest good.

This can come in the form of gossiping about others, flaking on you one too many times, and showing aggressive or controlling behaviors.

We tend to make excuses for people and hold on to those who are not good for us for whatever reason it is. You can reflect in your writing to figure out reasons why you choose to stick around.

These reasons can be you are either a people pleaser, do not want to offend people, or maybe you are part of the problem and have a hard time facing it.

You may need healing in many aspects in your life whether that’s in your relationship with your spouse, family, or friends.
Healing in your self-worth and not feeling good enough, healing in your physical or emotional well-being, healing in your faith with God (the creator), healing in your finances, or you may be the one that needs healing in all these areas and more.

Wherever it is you need healing, and wherever you are in your life I am here to tell you it is not too late. All of the above play a major role in healing your sacred feminine energy and it will be up to you to use the tools provided so that you can start working on them.


How to Heal Your Feminine Energy

The things in our lives we should be choosing to do are some of the hardest things we have to do in our lives.

Healing is not any different. There is not an end game to healing, it is continuous. As long as you are consistent in your life with bettering yourself and can work on becoming consciously aware of your choices then you are on a good path to discovering a more spiritually attuned YOU!

Here are a few ways you can work on healing your sacred feminine energy:

1. Recognizing Your Triggers

Understanding the areas in your life that need healing can come at an emotional cost. This is probably one of the hardest things you can acknowledge in your life and there are areas that you notice can use some TLC (Tender Love & Care).

Be kind to your side at this time and be gentle. Recognizing triggers can look like anger, frustration, playing victim, blaming others, or finding excuses, emotional outbursts, and possibly other emotions that may throw your day and emotions off. Some of the time recognizing triggers may lead to some sort of substance abuse, porn addiction, etc.

It will be up to you to recognize what areas and events in your life need healing and you can do this by journaling daily to keep track of them.

2. Acknowledging Your wounded feminine energy Triggers

Triggers can lead to frustration and manifest in ways that can be internal or external. Your spiritual journey is your own and becoming attuned with your past traumas may help you heal parts of yourself that went unnoticed for far too long.

Acknowledge the parts of yourself you have suppressed by doing shadow work.

3. Reconnect with your feminine energy through Nature

Reconnecting with nature can be a powerful way to heal your feminine energy. Nature has a nurturing and embracing energy that aligns with feminine principles. You can do this by taking a walk on the grass with your bare feet and grounding yourself. This can help you feel more centered and in touch with your emotions.

It can help reduce stress and reconnect you with your own body. Go out for a walk, plan a bonfire night, go out for a swim, feel the wind on your skin, anything that gets you closer to the elements and sensory experiences can help your inherent wisdom within.

4. Embrace Your Feminity

There are different ways you can embrace your feminity whether that’s becoming more aware of having a subtle but soft walk, becoming more aware of the tone in your voice and how you speak, how you handle the emotions of others, how you speak, how you dress, the things you do to take care of yourself.

Here are some tips that may help you with your feminine journey:

  • Find a style of clothing and hairstyle that suits your personality
  • Take time to self-reflect on what feminity means to you
  • What activities bring you closer to mindfulness and peace
  • Find ways to cultivate more compassion and peace
  • How do you set and maintain your boundaries?
  • When do you connect and celebrate with other women

5. Embody Who You Want To Be

Find creative outlets to express yourself. You can do this by journaling and writing down how you envision this version of yourself to be. What do you see yourself doing, how do you see yourself living this life you want to embody?

This could be through fashion, art, the job you do, the people you are surrounded by, your hobbies, your exercise routine to get you in shape and so much more. Ask yourself these questions and write them down! If you feel so inclined and are more visual then I highly recommend doing a vision board. It’s helped me a ton and I have accomplished the things I posted on there.

Think about who it is you want to be. The version of yourself you are looking to become. Who is this new person? What does this person eat, how does this person dress, speak, and walk? What does this version of you do for work? You get the point.

Now, go and be that! Trust me, it may sound a bit crazy but to be the part we must first already believe we have it. This part is called manifesting.


6. Self-Care

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

Prioritize your self-care to nurture your physical, mental, emotional, and overall well-being. This could include your skincare routine, mindfulness, or activities that bring you joy.

Other practices like yoga, meditation, or dance can help you tap into your flow, intuition, and a more connected YOU!

7. Boundaries

Honoring your own needs is a BIG part of all of this. You are not able to reclaim your feminity if you are not setting and maintaining boundaries. Learn to put yourself first and say “no” to those things you truly want to say no to.

Understand that when you say yes to prioritizing other people’s needs you are saying NO to YOU! And this can lead you into frustrations, resentments, and anger, which is the total opposite of reclaiming your feminity energy.

8. Connect with Other Women

Give yourself a sense of community with other like-minded women. Build and find support with women who share a common understanding of the things that matter to you. Learn how to celebrate each other win and become a support system that shares their experiences and diversity.

There is something about connecting with other women that will help inspire one another to foster a sense of community and understanding about the world around them. One of the best books I have read that has helped me understand how important it is to come together with other goddesses is a book called You Are A Goddess By Sophie Bashford.

This book works with your sacred feminine to awaken, transform, and heal your inner goddess.

Final Thoughts on Healing Your Feminine Energy

Ready to embark on your journey on how to heal your feminine energy?

Everyone’s journey and challenges will look different in how they go about healing. Keeping a journal and working on yourself is going to be one of the most challenging experiences. Remember to set boundaries, connect with nature allow the rhythms of this world to be one with your soul, acknowledge your triggers, and most importantly envision the person you want to become!

Work on your self-care routines, and prioritize self-care rituals that will honor your body, mind, and soul– whether it’s through your skin-care routine, soothing baths, or moments of meditation and relaxation. Find hobbies and activities that can connect you with other women.

Embrace the practices shared in this blog and start your empowering path today. Sign up for our 2-2-2- newsletter to nurture the essence of your femininity and step into a life of authenticity and strength!

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