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The Best Guide You Need For Moon Journaling

full moon journaling prompts

Are you interested in seeing how your life can benefit from moon journaling? We will be covering all of the 8 moon phases and what to journal for each one so that you can learn and change negative patterns.

You may already be into spirituality or holistic approaches, even someone who considers to center you life around it. But, even if you are not spiritual, full moon journaling prompts will teach you how to refine your hopes and dreams.

It can also teach you to become introspective, release and let go of bad habits, and understand that it is okay to feel empty at times.

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Before we get into guiding you into moon journaling, let’s first start off by going over why you would benefit from this type of journaling.

The moon is made up of 8 phases: New moon, Waxing crescent, First Quarter, Waxing gibbous, Full moon, Waning gibbous, Third quarter, and the Waning Crescent.

Each phase is meant for you to reflect, set intentions, take actions, or lease and let go of whatever it is that is not serving you in your life.

Moon journaling will help you gather your emotions down on paper in line with the moon phases.

There are many explanations for our mood and emotional state of mind and one of the biggest one are the phases of the moon cycle.

The gravitational pull with the sun and the moon working together affects the tides of the oceans, many others see that we are also affected by this in the emotional state-side of things.

 The reasons for you benefiting from moon journaling is:

1. Recognizing healthy and unhealthy patterns in your life.

2. You can better understand your emotions.

3. You can feel a greater connection to mother earth.

4. You start wanting to reflect and recognize areas in your life that need change.

5. Motivates you to take action and address blockages. 

How to use the moon phase for moon journaling

1. New Moon Journaling

The lunar cycle begins this day. The new moon is a time to gather your thoughts and plan for new beginnings.

Establish the things you want to achieve during the next 28 days and become introspective and start reflecting on a fresh start.

1. Write down the things you would like to achieve.

2. What is your plan of action for this fresh start?

3. What excites you about this new beginning that is coming? 

4. Note down 3 thoughts that you have during the new moon.

moon journaling

2. Waxing Crescent

This is a time to set your intentions during the waxing crescent moon phase.

Send your hopes and desires into the world. Make time for those who make time for you.

Work on becoming open to opportunities and begin understanding. Take time to be grateful for the things around you and the things you are not able to see yet.

1. What are your intentions? What is it that you want in life?

2. What are your desires that you would like to have emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, etc throughout this time?

3. After you are done writing your hopes, close your eyes and imagine sending your desires into the world to be answered.

3. First Quarter

It’s time now to take action during the first quarter moon phases. Push forward and address any blockages. 

Take responsibility for self-healing and your growth. This is the time when you allow yourself to show up for yourself. No excuses. 

1. Write down a list of action steps you will take this week to accomplish your goals. 

2. What are some blockages that are hindering you at this moment? How will you address these blockages so you are proactive? 

3. What are aspects in your self-healing journey that needs to be addressed? How has neglecting this part of your growth affected you?

4. Waxing Gibbous

You will need to start refining your desires and hopes. Observe and align your hopes throughout these next few days.

Be sure to relax, analyze, wait & pause any actions that you feel will be needed to take at this time.

Remember that this is the gestation period so allow the momentum to build without forcing anything.

1. Write three things you notice while observing your desires? 

2. Am I allowing myself to allow the things I asked for to naturally flow to me? 

3. What am I doing at this time to relax and remain patient? 

5. Full Moon Journaling

The full moon, it’s time to harvest your intentions, endeavors, and wishes.

Communication is important throughout this phase as well as favorable interaction.

The full moon phase provides you a view of the accumulation of everything you have started. 

Act on your desires and take action at this time. If you are into rituals then this will be the best time to do them as you will experience a boost of power.

1. How is your communication throughout the past few days?

2. Write down a list of actions you are feeling you are needing to take? 

3. Am I guided to act on a desire at this moment but not sure how to go about it? 

6. Waning Gibbous

Turn inwards at this time and think about your goals. Remove and eliminate negative experiences or people at this time. It’s time to take your introspectiveness to another level.

Be grateful for what you have accomplished at this point, it has not gone unnoticed despite that you may feel you may have not done enough.

1. Is there anything at this time you feel you need to remove? 

2. Write three things you are grateful for. 

3. Take this time to think about your goals and desires. This is the time to refocus your energy back on this. 

7. Third Quarter

Release and let go of the habits that are harming and constraining you. This is the time to remove and cleanse. 

Close and pending issues, be cautious while you take time to rest.

Remove yourself from any destructive relationships within the next few days if you have not already done so.

1. Are there any relationships that you need to remove yourself from? 

2. List habits that are not contributing to your growth? What steps are you making to remove them? 

3. What are experiences that have been constraining you? How are you going to take a proactive approach? 

8. Waning Crescent

The waning crescent moon phase is a time to surrender. Take time to recuperate and rest. You may feel lonely at this time but just know it’s okay to feel empty.

Do not start any new projects at this time or make big decisions. Give thanks the cycle and look back at your accomplishments.

1. Write a list of things you are grateful for at this time.

2. What are you doing at the moment to rest and recuperate? 

3. How are you feeling in solitude at the moment?

Let’s wrap this up …

You may not be spiritual or not know much about the moon phases.

Whether you believe in it or not this is a great opportunity to hold yourself accountable and start taking necessary steps to accomplish your dreams and goals.

The moon can be used like a clock since we are bound to get distracted and busy with our own lives.

Use the 8 moon phases to live your best life by moon journaling

Happy writings.

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