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Guide to Full Moon Journal Prompts in 2022

full moon journal prompts

Another full moon is approaching or is near and you are wanting to find ways to become more in tune with yourself. Well, you are in the right spot! We got you covered with our favorite full moon journal prompts to get you to live a more introspective life.

Before we begin let’s go over what the full moon is and how learning about it may bring about bigger changes in your life than you may have not anticipated.

Let’s get started on your full moon journal prompts for 2022.

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If you are curious as to how to calibrate your life within the cycles of the full moon take a look at what astrology sign the moon is currently in when doing your prompts so you can have a more meaningful insight as to what could possibly guide you.

Full Moon Dates for 2022 + Zodiac

Note: These full moon 2022 calendar dates are for the US. Full moons occur at different times depending on your location, you can research online for the exact time and date of the Full moon where you are…

  • January 17th: Full Moon in Cancer
  • February 16th: Full Moon in Leo
  • March 18th: Full Moon in Virgo
  • April 16th: Full Moon in Libra
  • May 16th: Full Moon in Scorpio & Total Lunar Eclipse
  • June 14th: Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • July 13th: Ful Moon in Capricorn
  • August 11th: Full Moon in Aquarius
  • September 10th: Full Moon in Pisces
  • October 9th: Full Moon in Aries
  • November 8th: Full Moon in Taurus & Total Lunar Eclipse
  • December 7th: Full Moon in Gemini

What happens during a full moon?

It’s time to stop and marvel at such a distinctive feature of this planet that we hardly admire as we should.

But, have you ever stopped to wonder if there is even a purpose to the moon that deals with us?

The full moon is when we see the moon illuminated in the sky by the sun’s light. There is a full moon every 29.5 days which is the length of time from each lunar phase (New Moon to New Moon). What’s interesting is that the Moon takes about 27.3 days to orbit Earth.

Where the new moon represents the beginning of a new lunar cycle, the full moon (5th phase) represents a time to harvest intentions and wishes.

See my 8 Spiritual Ways to use the Moon phases to Live a Better Life here.

Full Moon Journal Prompts + Rituals for 2022

1. Start your full moon journal prompts with good intentions

As mentioned, the full moon is the 5th phase of the start of the lunar phase. At this time you should have reflected on a fresh start, set intentions, taken action, refined and observe your intentions, and now we allow for all the work you have started to fall under the Full Moon.

Start your journaling with the best intentions even if it has not been going as planned, these things should already be anticipated. Be kind to yourself and take a breather as emotions may be heightened around this time.

2. I feel that the past two weeks have been . . .

The 14 days before the full moon is a time to gather your thoughts and plan, sending your hopes and desire into the world while taking action. Consider the past two weeks before the full moon the accumulation of what you have started to what it is you want.

This is a favorable time for communication and interaction.

How have your relationships been going with family, friends, or partners? What was the overall feeling throughout the past 2 weeks?

Have you noticed any patterns, intentions, and wishes that have been favorable at this time?

3. The actions I have taken towards my desires at this time have been . . .

How are you using this time to take action toward your intentions? What are you looking to achieve at this time that you know you can do better?

The full moon is the time to take action toward whatever it is that you are wanting to bring into your life.

4. I have pushed forward, or addressed blockages within the past 8 days by handling it as such . . .

Take inventory of what you have started and done since the start of the new moon. The new moon begins the lunar cycle and establishes everything you want to achieve. To utilize the effects of the moon cycles one must not only understand the Full Moon but the phases before it.

When are the times you felt overwhelmed?

5. My current strengths at this moment are . . .

Understand that by doing any rituals under the full moon you may experience a boost of power. It is important to be in tune and aware of yourself at this time.

6. Things I have to work on surrendering are …

This is a great time to consider what it is that needs to be removed or surrendered. The Third Quarter moon phase (a week after Full Moon) is a time to consider when to release and let go of bad habits that are harmful and constraining you.

Take time to reflect and become introspective on pending issues that need to be resolved.

7. Full Moon journal prompts rituals of gratitude

Give thanks to the end of the full moon cycle by looking back at accomplishments and hard decisions that had to be made. It is a time to illuminate the things that have been hidden from ourselves. Remember that any rituals under the full moon will experience illumination.

  • Write three things you are thankful for at this time
  • What are the things you are surrendering that are outside of your control
  • Take this time to become more present and appreciate the moon outside (if it’s not cloudy)
  • Use this time for breathing techniques as you inhale – all the blessings and wishes you are desiring, while exhaling all the negativity and fears that are not in line with your intentions.

Full moon journal prompts affirmations

Here are affirmations during the full moon cycle to say out loud:

  1. I am allowing what is mine to come to me
  2. Let me release whatever is not aline with my desires to be removed
  3. I act on my desires and harvest the best intentions for myself
  4. I am open to communication and favorable interactions
  5. I am opening up to my fears and learning from them now

Feel free to share your own, or write them down as you say the affirmations.

If you are feeling up for the challenge do these affirmations outside while feeling one with nature.

Happy Journaling.

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