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How to MANIFEST a specific person INSTANTLY (What No One Tells You)

how to manifest a specific person instantly

Ready to get that person back into your life ASAP? Well, we say be careful what you ask for because this article will go over exactly what you need to know on how to manifest a specific person back into your life INSTANTLY wheter its meant for you or not!

Now, before you dive in and start scrolling into the big bolded parts so you can hurry up and do it, keep in mind that we sometimes want people that are not good for us.

So, yes, let’s have this chat if you are ready … and if not, feel free to keep scrolling but I advise you that it’s for your own good.

I say this with love considering I have been able to manifest specific people either into my life or back into my life. And most of those times were not for my highest good.

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Before manifesting consider these 3 things

Three steps to go into before you manifesting a specific person for a relationship:

1. Know who you are and who you want to be

2. Improve yourself and become the person you want to be for your partner

3. Have a group of real friends/social network based on who you are and THEN the right person will show up

With all that begin said, if you are secure enough then let’s get right into what they don’t tell you about manifesting specific people into your life FAST.

How to manifest a specific person instantly

I’d like to assume that you are trying to manifest a romantic partner into your life (but if not you can still use this as a resource and flip the roles as needed).

1. Listen To Music

I put this one on the top of the list because this has been the common denominator in ALL of my manifestation that has happened. I would go for my walks, smoke, breathe, and listen to music.

There was something about listening to the lyrics and putting myself in a movie as if my life was playing out right before my eyes. To be able to manifest ANYTHING, you need to use your creativity in the beginning. You have to envision it, feel it, and know it.

You will be surprised how fast this person shows up once you finish following the article.

2. Act As If

That person is already yours! You are in your car driving … then that person is in your car too (even if they are not this is where your creativity comes in). Have a full-blown conversation as if they are there. Laugh, speak, and talk with them as if they are right next to you.

Visualize. Visulazie. Visulaize.

Say their name in the conversations you are having with them while you are driving, or on your walk (put your headphones in so you do not look crazy). When you go out act as if you are going to meet up with them, pretend they are calling you, and pick up the phone as if they are calling you.

As you lay in bed at night, they are also laying right next to you, speak to them, tell them good night.

I would not be surprised if you get a text message from them the next morning.

I typically have an easy time doing this from all the other manifestations I have done for almost half of my life (I have been manifesting even well before I knew what it was called). And you also have been doing it too. The only thing is the belief of it actually occurring.

Act as if they are already yours.

3. Do Something Different

I have noticed that when I went out of my way to do something that I have never done before this somehow attracts whatever it is I am trying to manifest (whether it was a job, car, my luxury apartment … you get the point).

But when it comes to a person people usually appreciate people who are spontaneous and think outside of the box. And, if you are willing to do these things on your own then when it comes in you will value it that much more.

Go out for a walk in an area you have never been to, take yourself out to the movies, and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Take time out for yourself in solitude.

If you are a person that posts a lot on social media, guess what? Stop posting as often.

Because most of us are all creatures of habits there is one thing most of us are drawn to, mystery – Keep your life a mystery.

4. Be Mysterious

Yes, I had to add this to its own heading for the scrollers out there. This is a big one. If your life is easy to predict then it may not be worth keeping up with. Harsh fact but people love good suspense or the adrenaline of a roller coaster ride.

If you are the person to be on social media most of the time, take time off. Trust me. Figure out what we will help you, if you have self-control then refrain from logging in, if you catch yourself wanting to get back on then deactivate your account for a bit, and give it a break.

You want them to wonder about you, you want them to ask questions in their heads (not as in a game but as in being curious as to why you are doing the things you are doing).

By acting and doing something different with a sprinkle of mystery you will have them wanting to know more.

5. Let them go

Counterintuitive I get it. And saving the best for last. If you continuously have them in your mind you are not able to give them a chance to miss you or to even want to miss you. People really do not know what they have until it’s gone and most times (almost all the time) you have to let it go.

Believe that what is meant for you will come back. We not only communicate through words but through energy and this one is hard for people to grasp yet some still manage to manifest what it is that they want.

By letting go you are giving your Higher Power the opportunity to go with the flow and not come from a place of lack.

When you come from a place of lack you will NOT get what it is that you are trying to manifest.

Your mindset is the biggest player in determining whether you will get that person back into your life instantly or NOT. It really is up to you. You just have to already know it.

How to manifest a specific person instantly on paper (or out loud)

You may have heard of scriptwriting for manifestation. And yet, this is another way to go about it. If you are having a hard time visualizing or stump on using your creativity then you may want to opt-in to journaling or using affirmations.

Here are 5 affirmations or prompts to use as a tool to manifest sooner:

  • (Name) and I are happy together
  • I have (Name) and it feels so good
  • (Name) thinks about me constantly and is not able to get me of their mind
  • (Name) and I have a great time together
  • I am love and attract love easily towards me

Stop doubting | How to manifest a specific person instantly

It is not easy to manifest when there is doubt. Work on release any negativity and incoherent thoughts that are not aline with what it is that you truely want.

Become comfortable with the unknown and do not force anything. Anything that is meant for you will come.

Breathe, and release any doubt that you have at this time. That specific person will be back in your life before you know. (That person is already back in your life).

Happy manifesting.

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