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How to Manifest Your Ex Back in 7 Steps

how to manifest your ex to text you

Are you wanting to get back with your ex? Well, we may just have the tips for you! We got you covered on how to manifest your ex back with these 7 steps.

Manifesting an ex back may not be as simple as just wanting them back.

The biggest trick to this all is to let them go.

We have summed up this article in the only sentence you will need to move forward. Now, wait, I am sure that is not something you wanted to read, but that is what I will explain throughout the article. I have met so many people that have been able to manifest so many times and it has worked!

The only thing I caution you about is to be careful what you wish for. Make sure this is an ex that is not toxic or has shown you respect throughout your relationship. Ask yourself these few questions before reading the rest of the article to truly see if this person is worth manifesting back into your life.

  1. Why do I want my ex back in my life?
  2. Did this person value me?
  3. What value did my ex bring to my life?
  4. I know that I need to adjust a few things in my life before manifesting my ex back which is …..

The last question is a must, there had to be a reason for the breakup. What was it?

Go over what it is that you need to go over so that you can become the women you want to be for the man you envision your life to be with. Be prepared as this may not be the person you expect at times, it could be another ex the universe throws your way.

Before I get into the tips on how to manifest your ex back let’s go over a few things you need to prepare beforehand.

Get your mindset right, what is going on in your life currently that could hinder the opportunity from manifesting back into your life? Your mindset is going to determine whether or not they end up coming back. We will now go over 5 simple ways to manifest your ex back fast.

How to manifest your ex back in 7 steps

1. Set your specific intentions

Get clear on what it is specifically you want to manifest. Ask yourself these questions so that you know what you want to come into your life.

  • Who is it that I want to manifest back into my life?
  • How will this person make me feel once they are back into my life?
  • What is the purpose of me manifesting them back?

Once you get clear on what it is you want expect it to come.

2. Act & visualize as if it already happened

This is an important one! You need to act as if it is already happening. What does this look like? Well, you can have a conversation with the person as if they are already there.

What are you talking about with them? How are they making you feel?

Start feeling and acting as if they are already in your life. This lets the universe know what your intentions are as well as what your reality is.

3. Focus on yourself

Stop focusing on that person. I know this may sound counterintuitive from the step above however you need to take time for yourself. When was the last time you took yourself out on a date?

Taking the time to focus on yourself allows the manifestation to take place quickly because you are allowing to show yourself the love and space that is needed for manifestation to work.

Work on your self-care routines, and take that trip you always wanted to take. Start giving your life what it deserves despite your ex not being there, yet.

4. Listen to music that reminds you of them

Music is one of those things that sometimes gets overlooked. But a lot of my manifestation journey has had a lot to do with the music I listen to.

I believe that when you put yourself in higher vibrating energy while listening to music and hearing the lyrics you are able to drown out the noise.

It allows you to hone in and focus on what it is you want. You make stories in your mind with music, and this is another way you manifest the things in your life.

5. How to manifest your ex back using affirmations

Words are extremely powerful. By using affirmations you allow yourself to state clarity on what it is that you want (or already have) and allow it to come in with due time. Here are some affirmations you can use throughout the day

  1. (Say name) and I are so happy together.
  2. (Say name) loves me so much.
  3. (Say name) can not wait to call or text me.
  4. I am so grateful that you are back in my life.
  5. You are the love of my life, and I know that I am yours!
  6. I am thankful that my wish has come true.
  7. We enjoy spending time together, it brings us peace and clarity.

6. Be mindful of conflicting thoughts

As words are extremely powerful so are your thoughts, if not just as much. What starts in your mind turns into words and then eventually turns into actions. Do not confuse the universe with what your intentions are by taking it back or rejecting it with negative thoughts or ideas.

The universe will give you just that. A negative, confused, or back-and-forth mindset will only hinder your manifestation and not allow it in. Become aware of this and put a stop to it so that your self-doubt does not cause you to self-sabbatoge.

7. Let it go let it flow

Now, to wrap it all up. Once you have done the steps above it’s time to let it go so that it can come in. This does not mean that you are rejecting it or not using your affirmations any longer, this simply means that you believe that it is already yours and you are not coming from a place of lack.

Lacking anything will push what it is you want away. Use this time to focus on yourself and thank God for what He has brought into your life.

How long will it take to manifest my ex back into my life

This will depend on you and your mindset at this time. The more you are in tune with yourself and learn not to let go and allow God to bring it in the faster it will come if it is meant for you. There is no specific time frame but it could happen anytime.

Why is manifesting my ex back into my life not working

Two things, either because you are not trusting in it or because it is not intended for your higher self. What we think is in our best interests is not. God knows what is best for us even when we do not. However, many have been able to manifest an ex back that has not been good for us so it may be because you are coming from a place of lack.

How to manifest your ex if they are already in a relationship

The relationship they are in may be there to teach them a lesson. Do not put yourself in a third-party situation, this will not be for your high self. Manifesting your ex if they are already with someone is to allow them to take this time to grow as they learn more about what it is they need to figure out.

Can you manifest an ex even if we are not speaking?

Of course, you can! Usually, when people manifest someone it is because they are no longer connecting with them. This is the best time to put manifestation to work. No matter how far or how long it’s been is not a determining factor as to whether or not you can manifest.

Manifesting your ex back success stories

Many users enjoy reading other manifestation success stories for inspiration. So, I am going to take this time to share a user’s personal success that was shared on Reddit. What worked for her was simply telling herself that she was wonderful and so was the relationship.

Letting go and focusing on yourself is the biggest thing you can do for yourself through your manifestation story.

As mentioned earlier in this post you can manifest a specific person but make sure it is for good intentions and you are not putting yourself back in a negative situation. You may think you know what is best for you until it comes back.

Here is another success story to add to this list.

Let’s wrap it up …

Manifestation is a journey all on its own. Is it possible to manifest your ex back, of course, it is! Now, is it a good idea to manifest them back, that is a question we leave up to you. Clarify your intentions.

What and who it is you want to manifest back into your life so that your manifestation works with you and not against you. Visualize and act as if it is already yours. Take this time to focus on yourself and give yourself the life you truly want and deserve.

Happy manifesting.

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