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How To Let Go When Manifesting a Specific Person

how to let go when manifesting a specific person

We have heard it all before when in the realm of manifestation, let it go. But how? We got you covered in this article on how to let go when manifesting a specific person in 5 easy steps.

The best way on how to let go when manifesting is to focus on yourself and not come from a place of lack. When you come from a place of lack manifestation will not work. Become more mindful in your day-to-day interactions with yourself and others by refocusing your attention on gratitude. Become present in those moments and detach from any outcomes you are holding onto.

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How to let go when manifesting a specific person

1. Your mindset is everything

Consider yourself a nonstop manifesting machine that is always on the go. Always manifesting even when you think you may not be manifesting. Take accountability for what it is you are telling yourself every second of every hour.

We tend to be so busy in our lives that we fail to be aware of the things we tell ourselves which are more negative than good.

According to Newshub, we have about 6,000 thoughts a day. Imagine out of all those thoughts are actually aline with what it is that we actually want?

2. Continue to focus on yourself

Take this time to give yourself the things you would like to receive from your partner. Are you interested in a partner that is romantic and takes you out to fancy dinners, then start taking yourself out to these dinners?

Start giving yourself the things that you truly desire and want. Are you looking for a partner to take you out on travel trips that are spent exploring a new city and town? Then, start taking yourself out on these fancy trips.

You have to become the person you see yourself being in your relationship already, and most of us are not while we are on the manifestation journey of manifesting a specific person. Start knowing your worth to yourself.

This is the best time, while you have it, to give yourself the attention that you deserve.

Are you wanting to learn a new hobby, or take up dancing lessons? How about what you do in your free time?

Work on taking accountability for your own life so that when that desired person comes in you both are in sync with one another.

3. Surrender the control

We live in a state of always wanting to know what is going to happen, when is it going to happen, and possibly why things are happening the way they are.

Learn to appreciate the now and what is going on in the present moment. You will not be able to manifest anything when you come from a place of lack.

Once you learn how to surrender, letting go will come naturally. You will go with the flow and things that once bothered you will not have such of an emotional impact on your wellbegin.

4. Choose your words wisely | how to let go when manifesting a specific person

Understand that what you say plays a role in your manifestation. The use of affirmations will help you aline with what it is that you want EVEN though your feelings may not correspond with them.

When you catch yourself saying, “I am not good enough,” or “They are already with someone else”. You are affirming that these things are true, so then why would you be surprised that this specific person is not in your life?

No matter what situation your specific person is in, allow things to unfold naturally. Focus on your reality of the situation in how you want things to be by saying this instead, ” I am enough”.

I am worthy of love and compassion.

I am ready when they are ready to come forward

We are all at different stages in our lives, and we all need to respect everyone’s own unique journey.

5. Put in the work

By putting in the work you are acknowledging that this is something you need to let go of. So now, you are putting things into practice and becoming more aware of your thoughts.

This does not mean doing affirmations every day to get them back (be mindful if you are doing this from a place of lack). Understand who you are and where you are going. The work you put into yourself will come back that much more.

Start putting in the work by taking care of your mental and physical health. Keep up with your appearance and hygiene, and excel in the projects you have at work or at home. Focus on giving yourself that undivided attention that is needed to truly be happy within yourself first before allowing anyone or anything else.

Consider your circle of friends and make sure you surround yourself with people that are for your highest good. Follow your intuition at this time and allow yourself to put feelings before desired outcomes.

Know that it is already yours and act as if it is. Letting go is all about knowing that it will happen – that it has already happened.

Affirmations on how to let go when manifesting a specific person

The words you speak and thoughts you think are extremely powereful!

Here are a few affirmations to tell yourself throughout the day:

  • I allow coming into my life that which is for my highest good
  • I am open to new possibilities in my life
  • I express love and gratitude for the things I have in my life now
  • Thank you for this day and continue to allow me to live presently
  • I allow great amazing things to come into my life

Let’s wrap it up …

Manifestation is one that begins within our own space. It is how to become more connected and aware of your thoughts.

As we understand more on how to let go, we will feel truly connected to ourselves, to people, to the Universe, and to every aspect of our lives.

Our relationships become more meaningful and authentic.

Our sex life improves as we become more attuned to our bodies.

And we gift ourselves the joy of experiencing life with more intention, presence, and vibrancy more than ever before.

So if you’d love to learn more about letting go or manifestation in your life, explore our blog and sign up for our newsletter for much more!

Happy manifesting.

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